James and his Cardboard Box

Thanks to our subscription services for household items we now get big shipments regularly and often have large boxes laying around.  Usually I fill them up with burnables and then we haul it out to the fire ring but this last time I gave James a box to play with and he pretty much thought it was the best toy ever.  This box lasted us for days. He finally crushed it so I retired it and sent it out to be burnt replacing it with a new box for him (that he doesn’t love quite as much… we’ll need to keep our eye out for better ones!)

Thanks Target subscriptions for giving our kid endless hours of fun in your box! Especially since he has been a night owl recently… this box kept him happy and in the living room so Joe and I could hang out and relax even though James was awake very late!

20140916_214802 20140917_224954 20140917_224950 20140917_222319 20140917_094201 20140919_183255 20140919_183235Side note: All of a sudden James totally hams it up for the camera. I still get plenty of weird moving shots or crazy faces but it seems like as soon as I pull out the camera or my phone and call his name he gets a big grin on his face and I get some super cute pictures! Total ham!


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