Pumpkin Painting

We were feeling ambitious yesterday afternoon so we got out our new paint and James got to have some fun painting his pumpkin! I found some cheap paint on Amazon, $10 for 6 pints of bright coloured, washable, non-toxic, school paint and ordered it a week or two ago but we still hadn’t gotten it out to try it yet.  I kept thinking we would save it for a rainy day or a day we needed something extra fun, but then I decided we should just get it out and go for it.  They are really big bottles so even if we painted daily it would last us a long time.


Then, last Friday James and I went to the grocery store and they were selling pumpkins.  It’s pretty early for pumpkins but it’s his first fall and we thought it would be fun.  I’m sure we’ll end up with at least one more pumpkin and I’ve got my eyes on some gourds and Indian corn for him to play with too!

20140914_141703 20140914_141659 20140914_141141 20140914_141138


I think we’ll probably paint some more on this pumpkin and maybe I’ll find some washable markers and see if he wants to colour on it.  He is still probably too little for markers but if they are washable it’s no big deal.  Then at some point we’ll gut it and let him play with the slime and maybe carve it up all nice if it’s close to Halloween… otherwise we’ll just feet it to the chickens and get another pumpkin!


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