Happy 10 months James

Yesterday was James’ 10 month birthday! He and I went out to a Parade in the morning which he loved, and then we had some company over for supper in the evening.  There was some playtime and a nice nap in the middle!


James unloaded the silverware all by himself and then lifted each piece up into the top rack for me.  ‘Don’t worry mom! I got this!’

20140912_161613 20140912_112529

It was nice and cold out but we went to a new part to explore! We also bought him his first pair of mittens… which aren’t actually that fun to get on him!





Happy 10 months! Yesterday James learned to drink from a straw, earlier this week he crawled over to Cora and said ‘Mama!’ to her and the past few days he has been preferring to walk places if he can.  He will either use our hands or furniture or he will stand up and walk a few steps and fall, and then stand up a go a few more steps, then fall etc. all on his own! He also seems to think he can run and jump but that always ends up in falling still!



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