Nature Walks

James has been getting impromptu nature lessons on our walks lately.  Several weeks ago he was getting fussy on one of our walks so I picked a leaf for him to look at and he loved it.  After that anytime I saw something interesting I would pick it up and let him look at it while we enjoyed our walks.  It keeps him busy on the occasions when he is ready to go home but we still have a few blocks to go and even when he isn’t fussing or ready to go home he seems to enjoy touching and exploring new bits of nature!

20140911_114723This is from our walk yesterday.  We headed out onto the trails and passed by a birch tree that had fallen down so I peeled him off a piece of birch bark to explore.

So far James has explored a number of leaves, including his first fall coloured red one yesterday, several sizes and shapes of pine cones, pine needles/branches, a few big rocks, a bunch of different roadside flowers, a few kinds of grass, birch bark, ferns, and even a wild apple one morning which he nibbled on for our entire walk.


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