Muffin Tin Lunch

James got a new ‘plate’ this week! He is just getting old enough now to be able to eat fun lunches from a muffin tin. I saw it on another blog and I’m sure lots of people do this so it wasn’t my original idea… but one I found and thought would be pretty fun to try out.  I still need to keep an eye on him though because the first muffin tin lunch he got ended up all over the place when I went into the other room for a moment.  He is still learning to keep his plate on his tray 🙂

This one he had homemade pita bread, raw tomatoes, raw green pepper slices, cut up grapes, fish sticks and ketchup.  And no, I do not count ketchup as a vegetable like some people do! This was a really late lunch (practically supper) and I didn’t want to waste the second half of a banana or avocado by cutting one up and not using the rest so I gave him a tiny bit of ketchup to try with his fish sticks.  He went right for the ketchup first thing…



This one he had a bit of leftover white rice, avocado, wilted spinach, sauteed yellow squash and a homegrown potato, balsamic/olive oil roasted tomatoes and cut up grapes.

20140911_12350520140911_120150My potatoes are growing pretty good! We dug one up for fun today and cooked it up for lunch.


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