Evening Walk

Just a photo from our walk last night! James and Cora and I decided to take an evening walk because it was beautiful out and instead of putting James in his stroller we used his Tula for something different and headed up the hill instead of into Dollar Bay.  We ended up turning around because I thought he was getting hungry and fussy but as soon as we did he passed right out and slept the entire mile and a half back home again! The Tula has a hood but I didn’t bring it, I never thought James would ever fall asleep in the carrier but he did! Next time I might attach the hood just incase because it will help support his head… last night I just held him safely with my hand while he slept and Cora and I enjoyed our walk!

20140908_175531Hopefully today we get a walk or two in as well since tomorrow and the next couple of days are supposed to get cold and windy and rainy.  Although, if it seems like we might catch a break in the weather we might still try for a quick walk anyways! James has a rain shield on his stroller so only Cora and I would be wet!


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