Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend around here. Yesterday Joe did a ton of work outside with the pole barn while James and I went grocery shopping.  Then for supper we went out with some friends of ours and their two daughters (5th and 8th grade aged and James really liked them!). James did pretty darn good for being out to supper.  Made quite a mess on the floor but didn’t start crying or anything and we had a lot of fun!

IMG_1027James was helping me make muffins.  He got his own flour and sugar (the tiniest bit for him to feel), and then some pumpkin pie seasoning, canned pumpkin and raisins (thats a raisin stuck on the top of his head).  Then James got to lick the spoon once we were all finished.  He had fun but then I ruined it when I told him we had to get cleaned up. He cried and cried about that. James does not like getting cleaned up.

Today we spent most of the day around the house and inside.  Joe did a tiny bit of faceting work and I spent most of the day trying to cook a bunch of things in the kitchen (normally Joe is cooking/prepping tons of stuff in the kitchen not me!).  Besides breakfast, lunch and supper I managed to make a double batch of pumpkin muffins, a batch of pita bread, pizza dough that served for lunch and then enough pizza, pepperoni and shredded cheese for 2-3 more pizzas and 40 bean/beef or plain beef burritos.  That is a lot of burritos! 6lb of ground beef and 2.5lb of beans and I ran out of beans for the last like like 15 or so burritos so some are just plain beef.  The beef worked out perfectly, the beans probably needed to be doubled in the amount.  We have a freezer cookbook and I was going to get rid of it but then Joe asked if I didn’t want to make anything from it…and I decided I’d give it another chance.  So I picked up supplies and made us 40 burritos today! Between the three of us we had 4 for supper and now there are 36 more in the freezer for times when we need a quick or easy supper or even a lunch if I don’t have anything specific planned for James!


Muffins and pizza dough.  There were more mini muffins… we ate several of them before they made it into the freezer.

IMG_1029 IMG_1030

Pita breads and a whole big stack of burritos!


This being one of the last warm days for the fall (most likely) we decided to take Cora swimming this afternoon.  It was fun but not as fun as it usually is… the lake is apparently higher than normal so the beach we normally walk on was flooded and everything was swampy, murky and water logged.  To get to the clear water we had to walk through a bunch of gross water first and then the lake never really heated up this year so the water was very cold.  James and Cora had a blast though! James didn’t mind the cold water and he thoroughly enjoyed playing in the murky stuff.  Cora enjoyed both as well and entertained James by shaking and splashing all over the place!  After that we came home and had a family nap!

20140907_164618James is AWAKE! I swear this kid is asleep and then he is wide awake and pops up like a Jack in the box ready to go! Dad is not awake (yet, he was very shortly!)


Mom is sort of ‘awake’ but only because somebody woke her up…

20140907_164635 Cora who wasn’t supposed to be on the bed (because she was still dripping wet with lake water) waited until we fell asleep and then climbed up too. Left a big wet spot on my side of the bed!  She was also not awake… but was about to get woken up too!


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