James gets a Tula

I’ve been wanting a Tula baby carrier for awhile now but sort of debated about it because they are $150.  Finally I couldn’t help myself though, and Joe said we could get one so finally a couple weeks ago I ordered one and it came in the mail yesterday!  They are made in Poland so the shipping time takes a bit longer, almost two weeks for us! We saw it was ‘Out for Delivery’ yesterday and we didn’t want the mailman to not deliver it so at 4:30 we plunked ourselves in the front yard and waited for it…and a few minutes later, there it was! Yay!

20140904_165049After our first few uses today I can say it was pretty worth it! It’s comfy for both of us and I think I could go on a pretty good walk with it too besides just around the house or for errands.  In fact, once I am finished with this I am tempted to head out for a walk with James and Cora and see how it goes! Usually we would use our awesome stroller of course, but for tight spaces or really rugged trails or when I am trying to cook supper and James is tired and clingy…this Tula will be perfect!

I wish we would have had this sooner! They make infant inserts so a newborn can fit in it (you can also carry on the front) and it should grow with James for quite awhile… until he is too heavy for me to carry anyways.  They also make toddler versions of this but have an extension option to add on to this for toddlers too so in a couple years when he gets too big I can get an accessory and keep on using it if he isn’t too heavy to carry yet!



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