Last Minute Visit

This weekend we had some grandparents visiting us! Neither of our families have had the opportunity to visit us in awhile, everybody is so busy and the drive is pretty long.  We weren’t expecting to have any guests for Labor Day weekend but at the last minute my parents managed to get a couple days where they could make a super quick trip up to visit us. We didn’t have any major plans but my dad and Joe managed to go on a couple errands together while my mom, James and I did the same.  The rest of the time we hung out around the house here, had some tasty food, played a lot with the baby and had a campfire one evening out back after James had (sort of) gone to sleep for the night.


My parents left this afternoon so this evening and tomorrow we’ll find things to do with the three (maybe 4 if you count Cora) of us. This afternoon was pretty low key although we did make one trip out real quick.  Then Joe made us super tasty homemade meatloaf sandwiches on homemade bread that he baked yesterday.  Tomorrow there is a 90% chance of rain with heavy thunderstorms so I am assuming we will be inside for the day since not many places will be open and it won’t be fun to go outside either.  Maybe it will hold off at least so James, Cora and I can take our morning walk tomorrow.  We skipped them for the past two days so if we get a chance I think we will go out tomorrow. With the forecast as it looks now though we might just have to wing it inside! Maybe make a blanket fort or have a lunch picnic on the floor.



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