County Fair and ‘Fall’ Walks

Last weekend was the fair for us and we were originally going to take James on Sunday but then decided to take him Saturday night instead.  We saw all the animals and had cheese curds and our yearly Greek food. Mmm.  James especially enjoyed his lamb. Actually, James enjoyed lamb twice.  The first time was feeding lambs at the little feeding zoo area, the second was eating lamb for supper…not the same lamb of course, and James didn’t know it was the same species so it was all good!

The feeding area was probably the best part! We spent like $10 on ice cream cones full of goat food and handfuls of carrots.  James thought watching the goats,sheep, cow, lambs etc. (various small barn yard animals) eat was absolutely hilarious.  I could have spent a lot more on just watching him laugh like that but we had to eat our own supper too!  At one point James dumped carrots all over his lap and stroller and there were several animal heads sticking out the bars grabbing carrots from him left and right. He was laughing and I was going something like ‘Oh James they are going to get your feet! Don’t bite his feet! Don’t let them bite him!’ but none of them did or even came close…and it was super cute! I wish we had gotten a good video of that!


Our family selfie style needs some help.  James was busy chomping on a cheese curd that I handed him not thinking it was chock full of dairy (we are supposed to lay off the dairy with him for a few months and then reintroduce), Joe was telling me I was too slow at taking a picture and don’t ask me why my head is at the angle it is. Oh well. Proof we were there anyways!

20140823_182304Not sure if this was still the cheese curd or a piece of shaved lamb but whatever it was, he was enjoying it!

20140823_180550Joe and James in the horse barn. I told them to stand by the horse so I could take a photo and as soon as I clicked the stinkin’ horse turned away and shunned me!

Not too many photos from the night because we were enjoying ourselves but a couple to document the occasion anyways. James’ first fair! That day and the following day (the whole weekend) may have been our last super hot days of the year.  Immediately on Monday it went from highs in the 80’s to highs in the low 60’s and it felt like fall outside.

James, Cora and I have been taking almost daily walks outside lately.  It feels nice to get up in the mornings and get dressed to go outside and then James has a quick snack in his highchair while I feed animals and do a couple chores and then we’re off on an adventure for some fresh air.  This week we have had several long walks, two of them were almost 5 miles and then this afternoon James and I went out alone for a second walk and it was about 3 miles.

20140828_161935Pretty soon the leaves will be turning and falling! The smell of fall in the air and the cooler, perfect, temperatures have been encouraging us to spend a lot of extra time outdoors because pretty soon we’ll be wishing we had if we don’t!

Our usual route takes us just under 2.5 miles, we make a circuit around Dollar Bay where there are less chances of us meeting lots of dogs and people with Cora.  She has been getting much better with the sights and sounds with so many walks in town under her belt this summer.  She hasn’t been in Dollar Bay much, usually just the trails but she has been doing really great with us. Sometimes on nicer days, or when we’re all in good moods, we either add on sections of walk on the trail or we get ambitious and take Cora through the middle roads of Dollar Bay and take our chances! So far we have only had one dog run out at us and she was friendly and her owner ran right out and grabbed her!

20140828_162005James was a little bit grouchy today.  Not sure why…teeth 8 and 9 just cut through in the past few days so I didn’t think those should be bugging him anymore.  I guess he just wasn’t in a mood to go for a second walk.  He wouldn’t even give me a good smile when I was making faces at him! When we got home we played outside with his toys and he walked and walked all over with his push toy.  He has taken a couple steps on his own now… counting down the days until he is a walker!


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