James in the Bathroom

I like taking a shower every day, so sometimes James has to come into the bathroom with me because he doesn’t want to nap, we have somewhere to go, Joe is busy etc. I try to shower when he is asleep but sometimes I take a nap with him and then I’m stuck and I’m not not going to take my shower!  I don’t mind getting dirty… you run a race and get dirty, do yard work and get dirty, clean chickens and get dirty, but after that I like to be clean! I think there has been only one day since James has been born where I haven’t taken a shower.  It was a couple months ago and somehow I just forgot.  I have no idea how somebody just forgets and I don’t know what we were doing all day to make me forget but I remember climbing into bed and realizing I had forgotten!

In the past, at different ages, James has either laid on the floor on a blanket, laid in a bassinet, laid/sat on the floor with toys, crawled all over the floor with toys, got stuck in his Bumbo with toys, or occasionally come into the shower with me.  He has also played in his pac n play just outside the door, and several times I dragged half of it into the bathroom so he could see me.  One time I even hauled his high chair upstairs and gave him a tray full of oyster crackers to eat and the bag to crinkle but he figured out how to open the bag and dumped the rest all over the floor… that was a bummer.

Now James is too big for his Bumbo (tried the other day and he climbed himself right out of it) and too big for bassinets etc.  His pac n play is being used in his room and he hates being trapped in it when he is awake, and I definitely can’t leave him downstairs to play! I tried to let him play in his room alone a couple of days ago but he just got really upset that I was gone so that wasn’t fun.  So my option is to try and find something that will entertain him in the bathroom where he won’t 1. slip and fall and clunk his head, 2. destroy the bathroom, and 3. cry the entire time I’m in the shower!

James’ first option (for himself) in the bathroom is to play with the shower curtain.  He crawls over and yanks it out of the tub so the water floods the floor and makes it slippery and then he falls and clunks his head. So finally I solved that by ripping a hole in the curtain and sticking it over the shower switch on the faucet so he can’t reach the curtain… hope that lasts for awhile!

20140823_111830James’ second option for himself (after playing in the toilet if I forget to close it) is to try and get into the cupboard and/or reach up and unroll toilet paper.  On this particular day I had safe guarded the current toilet paper but forgot to lock the cupboard door so he helped himself to a scrub brush and two new rolls of toilet paper instead!

 20140823_111835 20140823_11170620140823_112347And then got a bit mad when I locked the cupboard back up!

So far the only thing that has worked reasonably well is my phone with an episode of Sesame Street or Chuggington playing but I don’t really want to give him free reign with my new phone so I’m going to try and download some stuff onto my old phone and let him have that to play with.  It also only lasts a few minutes until he swipes the screen and closes it or something like that, but maybe as he gets a bit older he will figure out that he shouldn’t do that! At least it buys me a few minutes before he starts demolishing stuff!

Today James is taking a late nap…11:30 instead of 10 or 10:30 (although he did sleep in a bit) and I’m hoping he sleeps for a good couple of hours and then maybe we can skip an afternoon nap.  After giving up caffeine James successfully settled into a pretty predictable routine… briefly it was 3 naps per day and then went right down to a 2 nap per day routine with one around 10am give or take a half hour and the other around 3pm. Yesterday he slept almost 3 hours during the day and I think that was too much because he wasn’t int he mood to go to bed until 9:30 so I think today I am going to try one nap and see how that goes!  He seems a bit young to go down to one nap a day but maybe he could handle it and sleep good at night… we’ll see!

This afternoon James and I will be heading out to do some shopping.  Saturday shopping isn’t ideal but we’ll make it work.  Joe has been outside all day so far doing more cleanup and work on the pole barn.  It’s starting to get hot out but thankfully it’s cloudy so it might be a bit more bearable to do outside work!  Tonight if James goes to bed early enough we’re planning on having a nice fire out back and relaxing outside and this weekend is our county fair so tomorrow James will see his first fair and have his first Greek food! Mmm.


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