Rainy Day Fun and Sleepy Baby/Awake Baby

It feels like fall up here today and it was raining too!  James and I did make it out for an almost-3 mile run this morning by ourselves (Cora was pretty upset) and then this afternoon we went back out with Cora in between rain showers and got her a 2 mile walk so she was happy.  Other than that we stayed inside and played around the house cleaning up from the weekend, and exploring new places.

James’ interest in our stairs skyrocketed today and he kept beelining right to them. At one point he was happily playing in the mudroom by me with his stroller while I was cleaning the animal cages out there and I walked into the kitchen to throw something away and apparently he tried to follow me but got side tracked and I caught him most of the way up the stairs by himself! Scared the heck out of me. He hasn’t slipped once yet when I have been behind him and he is ridiculously fast but man… he is definitely not going up the steps on his own for a long time! Might be time to get some gates up for a bit or I will need to keep him right next to me and not let him go for even a second! He is very fast!

20140818_154237 James and I taking some mom and James selfies after our nap this afternoon.  It wasn’t much of a nap really…he slept for a half an hour, maybe 40 minutes and I spent some time reading on my phone and then some more time taking pictures of him sleep and then shortly after I closed my eyes… he opened his!


Sleepy James at nap time today.

It has been just over a week since I gave up all caffeine, including even decaf coffee, and I can say James is sleeping a lot better! He now goes to bed between like 7:30 and 9 at night…Roughly aiming for 8-8:30 but one night he was real tired and went early and another he was awake and went a bit late.  This evening he was asleep by about 8:30. He will then sleep for several hours on his own and then the first time he wakes up after we’ve gone to bed ourselves he will come in by us and snuggle up for the rest of the night.  It works for now! He sleeps better, I sleep better (although I’m really going to miss pumpkin coffee this fall… yum), and while I don’t think Joe sleeps better I don’t think he sleeps too much worse and probably benefits from not having a crabby wife!

The only unfortunate part about snuggling James at night is if/when his diaper leaks. It has happened twice now.  The first time it was just a little damp and it was way on the edge of the bed by his crib so I just ignored it and went back to bed.  This morning I woke up to a large trickle up my arm right by my head.  James had been squirming around because it was after 6am and he was sleeping more lightly and he ended up pretty much up on my pillow by my head.  I was mostly awake but dozing because he kept waking me up by squirming…he totally clocked my nose good twice and then nailed me again after his nap.  It hurts to touch! But then he settled down and I snuggled my head next to him for a bit more sleep and all of a sudden there it was.  Just a little at first. I didn’t react I was confused….and then there was a Lot more. A big puddle right under us.  For a moment I actually debated whether I could fall back asleep and pretend I wasn’t covered in pee but there was so much of it and James was kind of feeling it too.  It was all up his jammies back… so we were up. And after I got us all cleaned up and tried to lay back on his floor in his room for a bit it was too late… James was up!


James is awake!

James can go from the photo above to this photo in like 30 seconds.  One moment he is fast asleep and snuggling and the next his eyes are wide open and he just pops up and is ready to go! This guy takes his rest seriously but when it’s done it’s done and he is raring to go! He is in the process of climbing up our bed frame in this photo! His crib is next to our bed right now so I lost my table/lamp etc. so I velcroed my clock and a case for my glasses to the top of the bed frame and he enjoys yanking them off and playing with them whenever he has a spare moment.


Rice bin fun!

I got out some rice and a bucket and some scoops and spoons for James to play with on the front porch this afternoon.  There is a lip on the door frame and the room is small so it contains all the rice he spills.  In fact, he didn’t care about any of the utensils.  He picked up handful after handful of rice and just let it fall through his fingers.  Then he bear crawled all over it spreading it around and feeling it on his hands and feet. He had fun though!


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