Mud Room Coat Rack

A couple of months ago I painted the mud room.  It was long overdue and it took me a few weeks to get it all finished but it turned out pretty nice.  We decided we wanted to add a coat rack to the wall and ended up finding an old ox yolk we thought would be fun to put hooks on.  It took us a few months but yesterday we managed to get the right hardware for it and Joe hung it up and added the hooks! Exciting!

IMG_0942 IMG_0941 IMG_0940Originally I wanted to add a second coat rack lower for James to be able to hang his own jackets up but now I think I might just buy a couple of those nice command hooks and let him use those because there isn’t a ton of room for a lower rack right now.  I would like to add some better organizers/shelves on this wall though… right now it’s a hodge podge of an old shelf from when I was in college, a second hand bench I (sort of) painted white, and an assortment of buckets and boxes and random junk all shoved into one spot. It could be a lot better organized (some of our hats and mittens are sitting in James’ hospital bathtub bucket they sent us home with!) and a lot more beautiful looking…. someday!


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