Baby Food

Besides two pouches of free baby food a few months ago James hasn’t had any actual marketed-for-babies food until this week when I bought him his first package of maple wheel Gerber rice puffs (which I say taste gross but he seems to enjoy!).  Other than that he has always just had regular food like us although he does get some special considerations… things like blueberries get cut in half, pasta gets cooked slightly longer, he doesn’t get soy sauce or super salty things (or just a tiny piece – like bacon), his food is a bit less spicy than ours is etc.

Now at about 8.5 months old James is getting 3 meals a day and sometimes snacks along with breastmilk yet. Here is some of what he has been enjoying lately…

IMG_0886Taco night!  James had tomato slices, avocado, sauteed yellow pepper and onion, cheese, cilantro and tortilla strips.

IMG_0901Watermelon! He does require the rind to be cut off or he will chomp the rind up too which is probably not that good for him!  I learned that about oranges as well.  It’s been a few weeks since he has had an orange but if you give him the rind he will eat it!

IMG_0900First time with some mayo… his own little bacon, avocado sandwhich.

IMG_0903Salad! Spinach, red and yellow peppers, onion, pork, avocado, carrot and some buttered 7-grain bread.

IMG_0904This is a pretty common breakfast for James.  Egg with shallot this time (sometimes plain or with peppers), sauteed spinach and some buttered bread.

IMG_0925A cheese and corn tortilla quesadilla with avocado

IMG_0923Rice, corn on the cob, and sauteed yellow peppers and bok choy.

IMG_0935Hashbrowns, bacon, spinach and blueberries

James also really enjoys snacks of raisins and oyster crackers, kiwi, blueberries, toast, corn chips and things he can pick up and grab easily.  He had his very first piece of pizza last weekend and it seemed to be a hit. He doesn’t love canteloupe (but neither does Joe or I so we can’t blame him) and cucumber isn’t a big hit either… He will grudgingly sample/eat both though and won’t turn them down entirely.


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