Crazy James

James is definitely an active baby.  He likes to get into anything possible!

James inspecting the cabinets and the lock…. the lamp to the right (you can see the cord) was a James casualty one day…it took me some super glue to put it back together and it’s now tied up to the wall.



James inspecting Joe’s triathlon bike.  James loves the gears, chain and pedals.  He always comes away with little greasy hands.




James waking Ocean up from a nap.  We have discovered/decided that Ocean is probably deaf.  She didn’t used to be, but she is getting old and doesn’t seem to be able to hear any longer.




James getting into trouble in the laundry room… pulling towels out of a basket.  He has since discovered the toilet too. He is tall enough to stand next to it and reach in and swish the water around.


James under the table, by the couch, trying to figure out the latches on Joe’s accordion case.  Then he realized he was stuck under the table half standing and couldn’t get out.






James thinking he might try going up our stairs. Our stairs are steeper and harder than the stairs he has climbed before though so he thought better of it.  He did peel up a piece of the floor while he was over here.



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