Baby Obstacle Course (Fail)

This past week I made James a super cool baby obstacle course while he was napping one day.  At least, I thought it was super cool. James did not think it was super cool.



It started in the kitchen with a tunnel over the lump in the floor.  James took a detour even though I tried to tell him how cool the tunnel would be.  When the tunnel was upstairs in his room he couldn’t get enough of it and wouldn’t get out of it!

IMG_0908Then he was supposed to crawl through the chair ‘trees/forest’, except he decide to stand on the trees and push them around while walking instead. 🙂

IMG_0912Next was to climb over pillow mountains past the wild zebra and the car.  James just skipped them entirely.

IMG_0910He preferred to go off-road through the bean bag and boppy field.



Then he was supposed to go over another set of pillow mountains, through his jumper cave and then over one last big pillow to get to all of his balls at the end.

IMG_0911I thought it was pretty fun and cool but James was totally super unimpressed! Bummer! Maybe when he gets a little older 🙂



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