Activity Baskets

James has his first couple of activity baskets! He generally enjoys them when I play with them with him and read him his books but mostly he would like to find his own things to do… pull plaster from the corner of the floor, rip off the covering I’ve got over the chimney, feel the water in the dogs bowl, sample dog food, inspect every inch of Joe’s triathlon bike, push his stroller back and forth, inspect the wheels on anything he can find, chase and/or pet a cat, pet the dog, undo the latches on Joe’s guitar case, eat anything off the floor whether it is food that just fell from his highchair or a hair ball, stand up on anything that looks like it might be fun, walk dining room chairs around and look out the front door… sometimes with the dog and sometimes alone.  He will play with his toys but grudgingly unless somebody is playing with him… he does really like to knock down block towers!

  IMG_0894James is going through the stage where he should be learning to categorize things.  He will learn that a frog on paper is a frog, a frog toy is a frog, a frog on T.V. is a frog, a frog hopping in the grass is also a frog etc. One of his baskets is a frog basket because we happened to have a book and frog toys.  Did you know there is one kind of male frog that keeps his tadpoles in his throat and when they become frogs they hop out? I didn’t know that either but James and I learned it! His other basket is on trucks because we had a couple toys and some books about trucks.  I’ll switch them out again when I plan for a couple new baskets. I think this is really more for an older kid/toddler so he will probably enjoy these things better later.


Above: This is how Ocean feels about activity baskets. Below: James checking out his frog basket.

IMG_0880 IMG_0879After a bit of furniture rearranging upstairs I freed up these shelves to bring downstairs for toys.  It’s a bit different now since I’ve taken this picture bu he’s got a box of homemade bean bags (6 of them with different things in them…rice, beans, barley etc.), 3 discovery bottles 2 with different colours/glitter/corn syrup/oil, beans in them and 1 dry one with different dry ingredients like rice, barley, beans, split peas, noodles and a couple spices, some books, a basket of balls, a basket of cars/trains, 3 different containers of blocks, his little toy laptop, his Micky mouse ride on toy (and now he has 2 walker toys too), and some miscellaneous other toys as well.

IMG_0870In other news this weekend has been pretty good for us so far! Yesterday we slept in for a couple hours after James woke up at like 6 and we brought him in our room to snooze with us.  We had bacon, hashbrowns, spinach and James also had blueberries for breakfast.  Joe spent the afternoon at the shooting range with one of his friends and then when he came home James and I went to a girls/kids night at a friends house.  I believe there were 8 women and 11 kids ranging from 4 months to 7 years and then one random 15 year old who was sort of in the middle but clearly way more on the adult side than the kids and she hung out with the adults, James and the 4 month old Sean while all of the other kids were playing in the other room and outside.  James did get to play too, there was a 2 year old who played trucks with him and he got loads of attention from all of the adults and he got to gaze longingly at Sean because he really wanted to touch him and I wouldn’t let him!

I left the part around 8:15 or so and got home shortly after some other friends came over for a fire.. the same friend Joe went shooting with, plus his girlfriend.  We said hello but then I came inside to tuck James into bed but it took over an hour so just about the time I was heading back outside our friends were leaving already! So Joe, Cora and I sat outside by the fire until we started getting eaten by loads of mosquitoes and then we decided to come in and find a movie but by the time we got settled and tried to pick one it was late so we called it good and went to bed.

James has been sleeping so bad so I decided to try a Montessori-style floor bed for him (right now just his crib mattress on the floor) so if he wakes up he can feel free to explore and play and not be super upset that he is in his crib.  He woke up as we were going to bed and I got him settled back down just in time for a big thunderstorm to wake him up again so I gave up and brought him to bed with us.  James has never slept with us for the night before… just a few naps and our snooze yesterday morning but at 1am I decided we were going to go for it.  Joe has been telling me to bring him in with us for awhile and it actually turned out great! We slept from about 1am to 8am and while James woke up a couple times he settled right back down in my arms between us.  I think he must feel anxious in his room away from us at night and feels a lot more comfortable snuggled with his parents… which is technically how it should be but I was a bit leery of sleeping with him when he was smaller and could roll over or crawl and get up if he needed to.

Now we will probably have a combination of James on his own and with us.  Right now he is napping alone in his room and I will put him to bed alone in his room at night but once he starts waking up and getting anxious I’ll probably just bring him in with us for the rest of the night so we can all get some rest! His sleeping has been stressing me out lately and twice this week bedtime has ended with both him and I in tears and then finally I gave up and the next couple nights he went to bed super late (but was in a great mood up playing with us anyways so it was fine).  So if he can snuggle in with us and sleep better so I can sleep better so then I’m not stressed out or crabby then everybody will be a lot happier! It works!

Now today we have a Formula 1 race we are watching this morning, I have lots of blog posts to catch up on, I want Joe to help me install safety straps on some furniture and besides that I have no idea what we will be doing! It’s a rainy day so we will probably hang out in the house and play.


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