Happy 8 months James!

Just a quick post tonight… James is 8 months old today! He is trying hard to walk and is moving and moving and moving.  I can’t take my eyes off him for more than a second because as soon as I turn around he is lunging at power cords, trying to eat plaster off of and/or climb the chimney.  He was also fascinated with one of our looms but it got packed up and shipped off to someone today.

IMG_0849Big guy in his jumper…he is basically too big for it but it still contains him for a few minutes sometimes when I need to finish something where I don’t necessarily want him to help (like scooping a litter box etc.) and he likes to use it to stand on the outside now for support so he can play with the toys without being in it.

We have one small loom yet and our extra large loom is out in the pole barn right now.  The one I packed up is a tapestry/flip loom that we probably just won’t use so I sold it on Ebay.  I took it apart during nap time and James has been using it to stand for days now and it entertains him for ages just standing there exploring it… and after nap I set him in the living room and off he went crawling towards the loom except when he got there it was gone and he sat down and looked around so confused.  I felt so bad! I was tempted to keep it just so he could play with it.  Poor little baby…. it was a perfect standing aid with just enough knobs and turny things to explore!

IMG_0862James having some breakfast fry and a tortilla.  I brought his little bowl down to the floor where Joe and I were eating and unfortunately James dumped his bowl all over the blanket.  He did manage to eat some and Cora finished the rest!

In the last few days James has increased to basically eating 3 meals a day (and maybe even a snack) and still nursing whenever he wants to too… between the two he can totally pack down the food! I believe he grew a bunch recently too because a lot of his 9 month clothes are too small to get on him and even some of the 12 months are getting tight.  Today James has managed to have an egg with red pepper and red onion in it, most of a flour tortilla, some potato/bean/red and yellow pepper/onion/chorizo/egg breakfast fry, clam chowder, bread, oyster crackers, apple, yellow pepper strips, cottage cheese, raisins and shredded carrot (yes he did!) and he still drank a large amount of milk too! The last 3 days I’ve been keeping track of what he eats to make sure he is still getting enough milk too and he is still nursing a ton and packing down the food! Our 8 month old can definitely eat…. but he can self regulate and he knows when he is full and stops eating and he is still willing to try and eat anything we offer him so I think he is doing great!

These next photos are from today when James and the dog were playing.  James had Joe’s empty soda bottle but then Cora stole it…so he followed the dog and took it back and then Cora had it.  They traded it for a long time today and seemed to have fun!

IMG_0869 IMG_0868 IMG_0867 IMG_0866 IMG_0865 IMG_0864 IMG_0863All my pictures seem to show Cora having the bottle but James got it back a couple times too! And I don’t think he even minded because the dog was letting him touch her and playing with him.  I’m pretty sure the tides will change as James gets older too and it will become more even on who gets the toy! 🙂



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