Weekend in Wisconsin










I’m finally posting about the weekend even though it’s Thursday! I had to figure out how to get some photos off my new phone first and then the pictures wouldn’t upload to Word Press… I think we’ve got it down now though!

This past weekend we took a quick trip down to Wisconsin to visit my family.  They haven’t seen James in several months and it was a good time to go for a short visit.  James had fun, and he even took two 20-minute naps on the bed with us! It’s rare that he will sleep somewhere besides my arms, his crib or his car seat.  Occasionally the stroller, once or twice he slept next to me on the floor for a few moments… but only maybe once before have we gotten to take a snuggly nap with him in bed and this time he did it twice! I think Joe didn’t actually sleep really but I dozed off while I was laying by James.  He is so sweet all sleepy.


We didn’t do anything major on Saturday, my parents and I got new cell phones Saturday morning (Joe has his through work) and then we spent the afternoon hanging out around the house.  Sunday then we went to a parade about an hour away where my mom’s pipe band was performing.  It was fun but ridiculously hot and gross out! Above is James and dad during the parade.  Can you see their resemblance??


A rare family picture of us! Sort of anyways… since James is in front of Joe and doing something goofy with his fingers but whatever… it was us, and we are all in it!  Below is after the parade when James needed a snack and Joe was helping him out.  Joe then held him while I fed him real food… I totally got the better end of that deal because James is a really messy eater and got food all over Joe!

20140706_130235 20140707_053429

Monday morning it was already time to say goodbye quick.  My dad had to go in to work really early so this is James saying good bye at like 5am.  He was super pumped about my dad’s name badge and suspenders.

20140707_053446 20140707_110427

And James and my mom! This was after breakfast (and post-outfit change) and we were packing up to head out.  James had no idea he was about to get into the car seat…he was planning on playing all day and we totally ruined it for him!

20140707_110442 20140708_092307

Over the weekend James learned to climb stairs, so when we got home he decided he would scale our dish washer.  I turned around to put the silverware away and he climbed right up and was super proud of himself.

20140709_170905James in his new car seat! I need to make a separate post at some point but we ended up picking out a Britax seat for him.  They are a little bit expensive but worth it…it’s comfy and should hold James until he is 65lb (he is aprox. 22lb now).  It also fits in our car rear facing and then will flip forward in a few months…they suggest rear facing until 2 or beyond but 1 is the minimum.  We will see how far we make it, at least until 1 year, but then he may get flipped shortly thereafter because it’s a huge pain to get him in and out of the car (ask me how I know… James and I got him in and out of that seat 9 times yesterday on our errand day!!) and he gets annoyed that he can’t see anything.  So far so good with the seat…it’s already suffered one diaper issue (the second day we had it of course!) and it cleaned up great and it’s secure and cozy and it even has a cup holder when he needs it someday!


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