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Had a nice (but hot!) weekend here this weekend.  Joe hung our T.V. from the ceiling and we removed the huge loom from our living room to give us more space. We had a nice family walk, lots of tasty food, a big grocery shopping expedition and lots of hang out and play time.


From a few days ago.  James and I had made up freezer chilli.  I mixed breakfast sausage, frozen, cooked beans, frozen peas, fresh corn and leftover enchilada sauce together and made us some lunch.  Yea, it sounds disgusting but it wasn’t too bad and James ate two bowlsful and then practiced drinking from his cup!


James enjoys playing with the broom. He now has pretty free range of the living room and kitchen areas.  Obviously I am right there near him but in general he can crawl around and explore where he wants.  Most cabinets are off limits, the chimney is off limits, the litter box, power cords and any unsecured furniture are also off limits for now. I have plans to secure some of the furniture better though to make that easier.  Otherwise he can check stuff out and two cabinets are full of only safe things for him to dig in if he feels like it. Oh! And the dog food is also off limits (I know I am not fun) because he spills it all over the floor and I think he would eat it and it might be a choking hazard… so no dog food either.

WP_002815James and I had a date with two of my friends and their kids at the park last week.  James went in his first baby swing and he enjoyed it…he doesn’t really look to be enjoying it but he did! He also really enjoyed eating sand.

WP_002817James playing in the grass and dirt.

While the other two ladies were chasing their kids on the playground James and I were hanging out in the grass.  I had the brim of his sunhat turned up a bit because it’s so big and hard to see out of.  Some total stranger came over told him how cute he was and then reached down and pulled his brim back out telling him she would fix his hat because it wouldn’t work the way it was.  I was irritated.  Clearly I am his mother and I know his brim is turned up since I put it there. She went on to talk about how she remembers when ‘her’ kids were that little and then clarified she remembered when her brother was 2.5.  So she has no kids and is a really bad judge of age because James is way younger.  I was polite because I know she meant well but I scooped him up so she wouldn’t touch him again and I put his hat right back how I wanted it after she left!

On a side note…aren’t people so strange with babies?? I don’t mind people talking to him… he loves seeing new people etc. and I think his smiles (he is a total ham sometimes) make people happy. Who can refuse a smile from a little baby like that? Especially old people! But random people we don’t know grab his feet, or cheeks or touch his head. One little girl gave him a kiss on the lips once (but she was little so it’s understandable!) and one day a cashier in a store told him he was a pain in his mom’s neck (because he was in a carrier in front of me…get it? sort of?) but he isn’t a pain in my neck and I certainly don’t want strangers giving him the impression that he is like that! So weird!

WP_002818An hour and a half at the park and he passed out in the car in less than 5 minutes!


Like I mentioned… he really likes the broom!


IMG_0795This is what happens when James tries to drink juice from dad’s very full cup.  Notice the very red paper towels all over the floor too!

IMG_0796Joe and James playing on the floor.  James has a red mark on his belly…it’s not an injury or anything, it’s a big red juice splotch stain that washed off in the bath!  He was also very sticky after his first taste of watermelon today!

IMG_0791The next part of our remodel… a ceiling mounted T.V. in the corner! We need to fix up the cords so they are safer but the hard part is done (all entirely by Joe).



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