Better Gemstone Photos and James takes Photos

Joe set up an online store for his gemstones the other day and got some much better photos with his work camera than I managed to take of them so I thought I would share a couple of them! They’ve been turning out very nice!


These are both sunstones. They range from almost clear through yellow, red and orange hues and some have bits of copper in them.  Joe has done other stones before but when he was in Arizona for work earlier this year he picked up a bunch of sunstones to work with so that is what he has been doing lately working his way through different types of designs.

53ac2ce6dab3bLAnd here are some James photos! We were learning about the camera one morning and he was helping aim…


Ocean.  We’re pretty sure she is losing her mind and she is not scared of James whatsoever.


Two sets of feet!


Baby fingers!




The one above I helped aim so it worked good! The one below James mostly aimed and I hit the button.  The angle was so weird… his head looks so gigantic by mine! Such chubby cheeks!

IMG_0782 IMG_0787

Mmmm. Tasty camera! Hand it over Mama!



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