Updated Wall Photos and a Blankey for James

Our wall is out! It only took two days and now that we’ve had a couple days to get used to it we are really liking it! The rooms are brighter and more welcoming and it’s nice to be in the kitchen and talk to the person in the living room or vice versa.  We still need to fix the floor and drywall and do cosmetic stuff but the biggest part is done! I think all the animals are enjoying it too and James really wants to crawl between the rooms except he should really wait until the floor is fixed.  For now I’ve covered the threshhold with rugs incase he does manage to make it that far without one of us grabbing him but otherwise I don’t plan on letting him get too close because it’s kind of yucky!


Above: Joe cooking us homemade corned beef and hash.  I don’t have a photo but he cured his own corned beef and we had it as sandwiches and then as hash and it was super tasty! Below: You can see there is some work to do with the floor, there are a few gaps down into the basement along the beams. Now if Joe is downstairs working we can toss him snacks and he doesn’t even have to come upstairs!

IMG_0769 IMG_0770

Above: We were hoping our chimney was pretty so we could uncover it and leave it open.  Unfortunately it’s very ugly. The bricks and mortar are both uneven and ragged.  Not sure how they could have actually done such a crappy job! I think we will probably cover it back up!  Below: The cabinets got moved to the laundry room for more space replacing the single shelf that was in there before.

IMG_0771 IMG_0772A view from the kitchen!

And in totally unrelated news… James has been sleeping so poorly lately, I made Joe go to the doctor with us last night thinking he must have an ear infection or something.  But no! Perfectly healthy… I’m just crazy.  So apparently the fever he had a couple days ago and his bad sleeping is either his age or teeth or something like that… not sickness.  I’ve read it’s very common for kids his age, especially when they are learning to crawl and stand… but man would I like some more sleep!

IMG_0773 IMG_0774So I decided to make him a little blankey lovey.  He isn’t supposed to have anything in his crib still but since he can sit up (and now stand holding on to things!) and he is nice and strong… I think he would be ok with a little something to keep him company.  We even slept with it last night to make it smell like us so maybe it will comfort him and he will go back to sleep in the middle of the night instead of needing my help every time he wakes up.  It is nothing special just two different blankets sewn together in a little square. Not too big that it can get wrapped around him but hopefully big enough that he won’t lose it as easily.  We’ll see if he likes it!

Side note… James is getting more experienced at standing (which may also be contributing to his poor sleep).  He can now stand in his Pac n Play, crib and along the couch or his gate in his room etc.  He even stood against the tub the other day when I took him in the bathroom with me while I showered quick.  That ended up in him getting angry with me though because I didn’t want him to fall on anything hard so I kept making him sit back on his bottom and he wasn’t pleased. 🙂  I think I have pictures of him standing but they are probably on my phone and my phone is boycotting me right now and won’t charge or connect to the computer.  I will try to get some nice ones with the camera later if I can catch him doing it!


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