Wall Comes Down – Remodeling

As of yesterday morning the crew was here getting started on our kitchen/living room wall take-down project!  As I type I am typing on our counter, that is randomly in the middle of the kitchen, with plywood on the floor and a frame wall supporting the ceiling.  The log wall is totally showing and most of the plaster from the kitchen side is gone.


??????????????????? WP_002773 WP_002774 ?????????????????????????????????????? WP_002779 WP_002780 WP_002781

And how it looks as of Monday night:WP_002782

Above is the kitchen wall where the cupboards used to be that separates the living room and dining room.  Below is the opposite side of the wall on the living room side with the frame wall and a plastic barrier to keep stuff a little bit cleaner.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WP_002794 WP_002795 WP_002796 WP_002797

IMG_0767Cora was such a good dog today while the workers were here.  The cats and dog stayed in our bedroom and the rabbit and bird in our closet.  James and I spent most of the time upstairs but did come down to watch for a bit and go outside for awhile too.  Cora decided to sample the plywood while she could… she has never taken a nap on it before and may never get another chance!  The plywood is just protecting the floor, not actually doing anything for the project.


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