Fun Family Weekend

We got lots of good family time this past weekend! On Saturday Joe and I took James to a place called the Tree House which is an indoor play place for kids age 0-4.  Our hospital gave us a free pass for James’ birth and I finally remembered to take it with me today… we have been there a couple of other times before to check it out too.  This time was the first time that James really had a lot of fun and ‘got it’ though.  We spent most of the time in the big room where the older kids play.  James saw several kids he really liked including one 17-month old who wasn’t walking but he was amazing at speed-crawling and a sweet little 11-month old girl that James tried to grab 🙂 He really liked seeing kids his own age and he had fun playing with new toys.  Most of his time was spent with some big truck and tractor toys but then at the end we took him to the infant section where he got to check himself out in a huge mirror and then found a bunch of other toys he had fun with!

WP_002767James and Dad in the infant area playing with a little squirmy dog toy.

After our play time we stopped at a bakery for some donuts and ate them outside by the water.  We actually ended up getting potato/bacon soup and then I got a donut and Joe got a peanut butter bar.  James shared my soup with me!


Kind of a cloudy day but it was nice to eat outside! James enjoyed his soup but got antsy at the end because he was getting tired from all that playing!


Then Sunday we had a fun family walk with Cora in the morning while it was still nice out.  We’ve been using a gentle leader on Cora which gets her to walk more politely and it makes walks a lot more fun.  I can even take the two of them alone on the trail without any trouble now! Cora doesn’t love the thing but she gets used to it and it’s either wear it or don’t come (at least when I am alone) because I can’t carry James and deal with a crazy dog!


The only bad part was all the mosquitoes! We have a huge bumper crop of them this year.  They just won’t go away!



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