Garden 2014 Edition + James Pictures

Last year we had no garden. I think I may have planted some flowers by the door and that was it!  This year I wanted to make raised beds but then just decided to plant tomatoes and peppers in our flower beds again like I did a couple of years ago.

Tractor Supply had cheap plants…4-packs for like $1 and I wasn’t really counting very good when I bought plants because I bought way, way too many.  After all is said and done I planted…

  • 3 eggplants
  • 1 pumpkin
  • 15 tomato plants in 8 varieties
  • 24 pepper plants in 4 varieties (all hot)
  • potatoes
  • chia seeds

And if I get a chance I may seed some basil and cilantro quick too and see if I can get that to grow.  I also harvested some rhubarb already this year and dried some chives to save as well.


Definitely doesn’t look like much yet but if all the plants grow you won’t hardly be able to see the ground anymore in a couple of months! I do need to do a bit more weeding and I’m in major need of some fresh mulch.  The overflow went around the side of the house…overflow as in 12 whole plants! Next year I will do a better job buying 🙂

IMG_0743And for a couple pictures of James… we had him in his walker in the kitchen while we were preparing tacos for supper the other night.  He has figured out how to go forward and after inspecting a couple of cupboards he helped himself to the fridge while I was getting supplies out…


He was pretty excited.  Look at all the amazing, colourful things to play with in the fridge! “how about this one mom?” Ha… pretty sure he is going to be so helpful when he can walk!



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