Tunnel Crawls and Trying to Stand

James had a busy day yesterday!

It seems like something happened to James overnight and in morning he was crawling crazy fast and climbing and trying to stand and just getting into everything! I pulled out his tunnel before his morning nap for some last exercise sleep-inducing fun before it was time to unwind with books and he even crawled through it! He had no fear! He checked it out and crawled right in and then proceeded to sit inside touching, looking around, out the window and crawling back and forth a bit for a long time.  Then when he was finished…he crawled all the way through to me and was done! Crazy kid! Then I thought I would show him that mom was cool too and mom could go through the tunnel.  Mom did make it but I’m pretty sure James was laughing at me and not with me…

WP_002688 WP_002689 WP_002692 WP_002693 WP_002695

James spent a good chunk of time trying to pull himself up on his chair too. He tried and tried and finally he made it to standing but fell over when he lifting his leg up to try and climb on.  Pretty soon!WP_002696 WP_002697 WP_002698 WP_002699

And now that he is so mobile I don’t feel safe just letting him roam the bathroom while I take my shower and I can’t leave him anywhere else right now. His room needs a bit more baby proofing (along with the rest of the house) so we got out the playpen and filled it with special toys and he spent some time romping around in here outside the bathroom door while I took my shower.  He had a blast and we made it through my shower and even drying my hair! I figure I’ve got a couple months before he it too big for this…WP_002702


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