Rice Tub and Flag Day Colour Bath

Just a couple activities with James from the past week or so!

I decided one day it would be a good idea to give him a container of rice to play with on the kitchen floor.  It ended up not being a good idea afterall… rice got everywhere! I’ve since put rice in a big ziploc bag and hidden toys in it so it’s a bit more contained.  Maybe after summer is over I can find a clearance turtle sandbox or something and then we can have a bigger, easy to play in rice pit for over the winter.  It should also get easier once he can learn to help keep it a little bit contained! He did have fun though!


He was just starting to explore in these photos.  He got all crazy shortly after and rice went everywhere, including his mouth.


Then over the weekend in honour of flag day James had a red, white and blue bath that included a bunch of random household items in those colours and a blue pool noodle cut into various lengths for him to grab.  He is still too shakey to be left sitting in the tub alone so my hand was pretty much right on him the whole time but it was still fun!  I bought him a fancy bath mat to put in the tub but our tub is already textured so the mat wouldn’t suction cup down… that was a bummer.


Playing with red, white and blue household items this morning wearing his red firework celebration shirt.  Too bad I didn’t plan ahead and buy him a little flag.  We did go visit (and touch) the Dollar Bay flag a few weeks ago though and I told him all about it.


Funnels and baking cups might be cool when you’re in the highchair but in the bath pool noodles win hands down. Although, he did give one of the funnels and a baking cup a little half-hearted nudge before going for the noodles again.


Various forms of rice/sand/water play tables are all over the internet and they even sell commercial varieties of those but the idea for theme/colour bathtubs came from here.

There are a lot of fun baby activities on that site that James and I will work our way through! Many of them seem like they will be especially fun come late-summer when it’s really hot out!


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