First Father’s Day

Happy First Father’s Day to Joe! And Happy Father’s Day to our dad’s and all the dad’s who might read my blog!

Joe got to sleep in a bit this morning, but at 10 James, Cora and I did sort of wake him up.  We had pancakes and bacon all set and his presents were in a pile and we didn’t want to wait any longer! So James took his present upstairs to wake his dad up and then we all came downstairs for breakfast and more presents.


Cora hanging out on the sofa this morning!


Happy Father’s Day Dad!


Trading kisses.  A kiss for dad, a kiss for James.  James’ kisses are full open mouth, dog-style kisses!

IMG_0736We had off and on rain today with hopes of a thunderstorm but only got a couple rumbles.  We stayed here around the house and had a relaxing, low-key day. Joe and I had clam chowder and bread for lunch and James had banana, plum, bread and a couple oyster crackers for his lunch. We are pretty sure we have actually fed him clam chowder before but technically he isn’t suppose to have shell fish so we skipped it and he didn’t notice.

Now James is in bed (hopefully for the evening but last night he woke up at 9:30 and refused to go back to sleep until almost midnight!) and Joe and I are going to read/watch some T.V./hang out for a couple hours before bed ourselves!


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