Tea-Smoked Chicken and Preserving

Joe smoked us a whole big roasting chicken the other night! It turned out super good and now we’ve had enough chicken for a couple more meals on top of this one.  We had tasty chicken and rice soup for supper tonight… a perfect thing for a cold, rainy day!

WP_002634Underneath the chicken was stir-fried mushrooms which were also super tasty! There was also smoked eggs to go with it…those were tasty but had a very strong smokey flavour to them so I only ate most of my egg and let Cora have the rest.

WP_002636 WP_002647

James is enjoying sitting up…this is how I found him one morning, all happy and ready to get up! He was sitting under his mobile trying to figure out how to get at it. I see pulling up in his near future…


This year I want to save some more food of our own so I started by preserving some of our first ‘crop’ – rhubarb.  We didn’t plant the stuff, it was here when we moved, and we’ve always either given it away or ignored it… so this year I make a small batch of rhubarb orange jam. I used 1.5lb of rhubarb so I could only make a half batch but it was a success! Now we promised a big batch of rhubarb to a friend but once he gets that if there is any left I will try another batch of rhubarb-something to save too.


In the background my 3 jars of jam cooling. I tasted it, it’s pretty sweet but tasty! I’m going to save it for the fall when it gets cold and James and I eat more breakfast and want fun tasty things.  In the way back are some lilac flowers James and I cut, and in the front in the dehydrator are a batch of chives I’m drying. We also didn’t plant the chives, they were here, but we are taking advantage of them!

I also have a garden started but haven’t taken any photos yet. I spent less than $30 on plants but ended up with a lot of them so I am running out of room in the garden! Mostly lots of pepper and tomato plants but I also planted  3 eggplants, potatoes and one pumpkin plant that I thought James might like.  I’m also going to get some basil, cilantro, chia seeds (they were free so I’m trying them) and some wildflowers going but those are quicker growing and need to wait until I get my main plants in.  We skipped the new garden beds this year like we were originally planning and I just planted them in our front flower beds instead! Now I have to keep weeding so it looks nice and they thrive because I have plants for all of those tomatoes and peppers… I really hate weeding!

We have also been on a mission to get rid of tansy! I’ve been pulling it out as I can and Joe has been mowing it and spraying areas of it to kill it off too… apparently one flower head can repopulate 150,000 flowers… talk about noxious stuff!! Yuck!


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