Happy 7 Months James!

James is 7 months today on this full-moon, Friday the 13th! Yesterday at James’ appointment he weighed 20lb 12oz, he was 27.5 inches tall and his head was 18 inches around.  He is in the middle-upper range for his height but in the upper ranges for his weight and head. And perfectly healthy except for the whole hand, foot, mouth thing going on! Poor guy!

Here’s our big guy this morning… there was no way I was getting a laying down 7 month shot from him.  He is going all over the place and getting into all kinds of things.  I can’t leave him alone for a second!

WP_002678 WP_002679 WP_002681

Total boy here…he drools sometimes or spits up and if he sees it he swishes it around and plays with it with his hands.  Gross.

WP_002684 WP_002685 WP_002686 WP_002687

Ha, he was totally over my picture taking.  He was like ‘get this sticky thing off my belly and let me go play mom!’ so that is what we did. He will play and play and play now!

This weekend is also Bridgefest weekend! Joe and I have missed it the last two years because of Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth but this year we are here and decided to take James to his first parade.  He did cry at a couple of stupid firetrucks and some obnoxious college-aged group was super loud and kept shouting and they also upset him at first but after the first little upset he mostly enjoyed it.  We covered his ears anytime there were loud trucks going by and he only got his sad pouty face a couple more times but never broke out crying again! Poor baby! He did have fun too and danced to some music and tried out his first licorice and his first tootsie roll and he got to stay up and play with us until 9:30 when we got home!

IMG_0710 IMG_0713 IMG_0715The wait was super long, the parade took like 45 minutes to get to us from the start and James was getting antsy but between the two of us we kept him pretty busy so we made it! He did very good! Next up..4th of July! Although Dollar Bay’s parade is pretty lame so it’s not totally worth it, but I’m sure we will go anyways!

Now James is in bed, Joe started a fire for us and we’re going to go out and sit for a bit. Hopefully there are no mosquitoes! It’s cold enough that we should be ok I think!


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