Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus

Well James finally got his first sickness! He made it pretty much 7 whole months without getting sick but this last week he has apparently had hand, foot and mouth disease… although we didn’t know it.  A few days ago he wasn’t sleeping well and wouldn’t stay asleep unless I held him and then he got all these bumps on him but I just thought the sleep was from teething/crawling and the bumps were mosquito bites  because we’ve had so many of them lately.  Really our poor baby probably wasn’t feeling well (on top of teething and crawling) and the bumps are really sores from a virus!

WP_002663 WP_002658

Once we realized it wasn’t mosquito bites we thought maybe it was a strawberry allergy, and then other people suggested hand, foot, mouth disease, fifths disease and even that it could be flea bites! So today I took him in to the doctor to get her opinion and she confirmed it was hand, food and mouth disease!  He hasn’t had a fever that I know of (he for sure didn’t have one today) and he has been eating regularly so we didn’t realize it was an illness.  James also lucked out that the inside of his mouth is sore free (which is why he is eating fine) which isn’t as common… instead he has loads of spots on his face, plus scattered over the rest of his body too.  A little like chickenpox almost.  All we can do is snuggle him lots and let the virus take it’s course! I believe it is almost finished now too and he should be all cleared up in a few days.

WP_002667 WP_002669 WP_002670I have no idea where we got it from… he doesn’t go to daycare so my best guess is like from a shopping cart or a highchair at McDonald’s when we’ve gone out with Eleanor.  Hopefully we didn’t pass it on to too many children today while we were out and had no idea what it was! And as you can see from all the pictures (you can see spots in some of them) James isn’t letting this get him down! He is moving and crawling and rolling and squirming and trying to climb all over the place!

WP_002671 WP_002673 WP_002674This last one is from his chicken and rice supper… he was also practicing drinking from his cup! He knows what to do…it’s just sometimes it’s hard to do and his milk tips out. No big deal though!



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