Requested Photos

A nice weekend around here… just about to end this evening! James is in bed for the night (hopefully…), we are all finished with projects for the day for the most part.  Joe had to mow the lawn today but then spent a long time faceting a sunstone… I need to get photos if I can of all the stones he has been doing.  They look really nice and he has been working hard on them but I’m not sure if I can get a good photo or not!

This morning I got to go running during James’ second nap… it was pretty fun. I only went about 3 miles or so but it was the first time I’ve been running outside by myself in a long, long time!  Joe has been thinking of starting back up running too… it’s nice to be back outside!  This afternoon we had some lunch and watched a Formula 1 race on T.V. while James played on the floor with us and Joe faceted for a bit and I sort of dozed next to James while he was playing.

Yesterday was pretty cold and rainy but we took James to see some baby animals quick.. he saw ducks, a mama goat and her two babies, two baby alpacas, a baby cow and some chickens.  Plus a bunch of other kids! It was fast but it was fun…and then he went on a few errands with us and we got fish stand fish for lunch! Mmm.

Here are a few photos that were requested!  A couple of our living room how it looks now… we are on the list to get our wall finished now and we’re just waiting to see when the contractor can do it etc. And then a few photos of James without food on his face! He is so darn fast now though I have trouble capturing him… I will keep working on it!

WP_002600 WP_002601 WP_002602WP_002589


James started with cute blue pants on this morning but they were a diaper change casualty so then we went for cute trousers but they were hard to crawl in…so we switched to nice shirt on top and sweatpants on the bottom.  He rounded out his own outfit by removing one sock.




First corn on the cob! Not too sure what that was.  He has had lots of new foods lately (along with the favourites like avocado etc.)… yogurt, toast with butter and corned beef hash, strawberries, strawberry whole wheat muffins, blackberries, oranges (he totally loves oranges!)… and tonight for supper was corn on the cob and raisins (yea weird combo but Joe and I weren’t having supper yet and may not have much because lunch was late so it was a weird supper for James!)




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