Sniffing Turned Tasting and Milk Donor

It was a rainy sort of day here so James and I kept ourselves busy in the house.  We had a nice mix of cleaning, cooking, playing and napping.  And getting eaten by mosquitoes – but that wasn’t nice. This morning our activity was supposed to be smell-oriented.  I got out ginger, onion flakes, cinnamon, basil, rosemary and cumin for him to sniff but he was way more interested in licking the bottles or trying to taste the spices… so I just dumped a tiny bit of each on his tray and let him sample them all too.  I’m sure the combination tasted disgusting but he thought it was pretty cool.  Kid is weird!

IMG_0699 IMG_0702

Mmm.  A horrible combination of spices altogether. Mmmm.


Joe found a recipe for braised ground beef with apricots and apples in one of his books and we thought it sounded tasty so I totally stole it for supper tonight since we had almost everything we needed on hand.  James and Cora were keeping me company while I cooked. Hopefully it’s good…


The milk bank finished my blood testing today and confirmed me as a donor.  I’ve got about 70oz saved up for them to donate and another 85oz to keep here for James.  James gets a bottle at least twice a week now that I go to spin class and Joe keeps an eye on him so we do need some stored milk, but otherwise I’d like to keep a bunch on hand incase something were to happen to me and he needs it.  I pumped regularly for several months but in April I got a bit lax.  Now I will go back to pumping daily and I will save half for James and half to donate.  Babies from about 1-6 months need about 25 ounces per day and then after 6 months it will basically stay the same but can vary a bit depending on how much solid food they are eating. So really the amount I have stored isn’t very much!


Today James had leftover spaghetti with me for lunch and then had an afternoon snack of 3 blackberries and almost an entire orange.  He is getting very good at getting food into his mouth and is developing/working on his pincer grasp (grabbing food with just his thumb and first finger).  Today was his first orange and we started off with one slice and he kept eating and eating so he made it through a large portion of the orange all by himself!


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