Should be a Full Moon (and a backlog of updates – picture heavy!)

This afternoon I actually checked to see if it was a full moon… but it isn’t, it’s just me! Although, I did discover that James’ 7 month birthday falls on a full moon, Friday the 13th! That should be a funny day.  When I worked all the freak people came out on full moon days but now that I’m home I think that day will either be really awful (like new teeth or no sleep kind of day) or it will be totally his day and be awesome! I’m aiming for awesome!

This morning when I went to get my coffee mug out of the microwave I discovered there was a huge dead spider floating in it.  Disgusting!! Thank goodness I looked at it and didn’t just screw the lid on and drink. Uuugh. The thought of drinking a spider. Yuck.  I made a whole new pot of coffee and scrubbed my mug out like crazy. And, I learned the new lesson of checking my mug every single time before I fill it up! I’m assuming that spider died a horrible death in the microwave…

WP_002497James sleeping at Eleanor’s house on Tuesday… but then she accidentally dropped part of her sewing machine and he woke up upset.  She made it up to him by feeding him bits from a donut hole she was eating.

Then I was out on a walk with Cora while James was napping and we decided to go for an adventure around our property and on the way down from our upper field I slipped on wet grass and fell flat totally wrenching my knee sideways in the process.  I hobbled back to the house grumpily kind of annoyed that I am probably the only person who could slip in a puddle on the grass when it hasn’t even rained in days.  It’s just part of our property where the water drains and it still happens to be soggy and I was wearing my Crocs which have no grip whatsoever.  It’s a lot better this afternoon, just a bit sore.  So much for an adventure! I’m really glad I didn’t have James with me.  I think he would have been fine because the arm I carry him in didn’t hit the ground (and it was soft mud not gravel or anything) but it would have been 20+ more pounds added to twisting my knee and it probably would have really scared both of us… he has never fallen before and I don’t ever want him to! So second lesson learned… don’t wear crocs on walks, especially if James is in my arms and be careful where I am walking in general.

WP_002493James sampling some egg yolk from when I cooked a bunch of eggs last Sunday.

And to top it off this afternoon… I went to dry my hair and since James isn’t crawling yet (any day now) I lay him down just outside the bathroom door and I talk to him and he watches me dry my hair or explores the stuff right around the door for the few minutes it takes. So I was drying away and focusing on him and talking to him etc.  I smelled burning but occasionally it does that if a hair gets inside but then I turned around to look in the mirror and noticed my whole hair dryer was blazing hot orange and the heating elements inside were orange too.  It wasn’t exactly on fire, but I’m glad I noticed and didn’t start it on fire.  So, needless to say, my hair finished air drying and I need a new hair dryer.  I’m assuming the baby was thinking something to himself like “uh mom… you might want to check your hair dryer, it’s not normal looking today” but he couldn’t quite get the words out to warn me! 🙂

WP_002425James checking out his baby doll last week one day.  He’s not too sure what the heck this thing is but he likes to rip its pacifier out of its mouth.

Thankfully that was the end of my trauma for the day! And James had the best nap ever in my arms on the couch this morning all snuggled in blankets and pillows with me.  He hasn’t agreed to nap in my arms on the couch for months so I was so excited when he dozed off and I could snuggle him and watch the Today Show.  It was super nice!

And now for the backlog of updates I have been bad at posting all week…. lots of pictures!

Memorial day was hot but we decided to head out for a walk with James and Cora.  It sounded like a good idea, but when we went out it was roasting and James was heavy! We went to Senter, which is just a few minutes from our house.  There used to be an explosives plant there and now there are a few houses and a lot of old ruins.  You can read my previous posts about Senter here and here. Apparently I did not post pictures from the first time we went so the second link is a bit lame, but the first link has info from a local museum on it!



Summer baby going for a walk.  He hates getting sunscreen squished all over him (and I agree, I hate sunscreen too and its gross and slimy putting it all over him!) He also hates his sun glasses and sometimes his hats.


Ruins and old buildings and an old smoke stack

WP_002482 WP_002485


After the walk we decided to drive to the shore so Cora could go swimming.  She enjoyed herself a lot and James got to touch the water a little bit.

WP_002491 WP_002492

Joe and James saying hello 🙂


My plate of deviled eggs.  I hard boiled two dozen eggs to get this many deviled ones.  Some I broke getting the shells off because our eggs are fresh and that makes it more difficult.  And others I just didn’t like… I’m picky about eggs.  Unfortunately I made them too salty so Cora ate most of them.


Our made up pizza from a few days ago turned out super tasty! It was a team effort but Joe did all the oven/cooking work while I did most of the chopping.  Homemade pizza dough with homemade lactic/garlic cheese, homemade chilli oil, homemade chorizo, smoked salmon, red onion and red pepper flakes. Turned out very tasty!


James and I walked to our local beach earlier this week.  He had fun playing (eating) the sand and then exploring the grass.  When we went I was expecting a nice, dry sand beach so he could sit in it and play. I wasn’t expecting all the sand to be soaked so I didn’t bring a towel or blanket or any spare clothes… so then I couldn’t really let him play too much in the dirt but he did sit in it and squish his toes in it and touch the water. Then he also sampled more grass, dirt and pine needles on the shore.

WP_002504 WP_002506

James wrestling his Micky Mouse rocker.

WP_002511Bath time! We’ve been going outside more and James likes to dig in and eat dirt, grass, sticks…whatever he can get his hands on so his bath time has been much more necessary!


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