Busy Fun Day

The first day of our holiday weekend is coming to a close tonight and it was a good, but busy, day!  James woke up promptly at 6:30 this morning, but slept well again last night! I had wanted to get up to see that meteor shower but James woke me up at 1:30 and then my alarm that was set for like 2:40 didn’t go off… not sure if I turned it off in my sleep or didn’t turn it on to begin with.  James woke me up again at 4 though so we missed the window of 2-4 to see it. Oh well!

WP_002468Super tasty Curry from last night that Joe made us with random ingredients we had on hand.  Mmm.

James took an early first nap this morning (7:15 he was back asleep) so I got to go back and sleep in a bit with Joe and then the three of us had some breakfast and late morning James took his second nap while Joe and I got ready for the day.  We braved Wal-Mart to get a few groceries and I wanted Joe to look at convertible car seats with me (we still haven’t decided on one but James has basically outgrown his infant seat).  After that we picked up our milk share and got some lunch to bring home with us.

WP_002474James and Cora looking out the front door together.

This afternoon was full of lots of playing, Joe worked on his faceting machine for awhile, all of us took a nap and then James and I played outside quick and in the kitchen for awhile before it was bath/bed time.  James ate his first piece of grass and some dirt today.  I stopped him before he could eat last years leaves left in the grass.  Our kitchen activity was fun but I forgot to take a photo of it.  For those who are friends on Facebook I did upload a movie of him playing! I put some corn starch on his high chair tray and then a few drops of food colouring and gave him a pitcher of water to dump onto it.  He mixed it and mixed it then and splashed all over.  My goal was to entertain him while I cleaned the kitchen, but I had to do way more cleaning after.  He was covered, the walls and cabinet and floor was covered.  He even splashed on me, Cora and two of the three cats! Good thing it was easy to clean up!

WP_002475James was so exhausted he totally passed out by 6:30 tonight.  He had a good day.

After James went to bed Joe made us some tasty chicken fried rice with leftover chicken from the other night and now we are watching some pre-Formula 1 race T.V. for the evening!


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