Roast Chicken and Long Walks

We had a good day around here, especially after starting out the week a bit rough with a grouchy baby and a couple of sleepless nights… last night James seemed back to normal and only woke up twice and went right back to bed after he ate (versus the several hours awake during the night he had done the two nights previous…).  So this morning we were reasonably well rested and then James took two short naps too!  We hung out here until after his second nap, playing downstairs and doing normal chores and that sort of thing and then after his second nap we decided to go out for a walk.

Earlier in the week he decided he hated his stroller so I wasn’t planning on our walk working.  He fussed a bit getting into the stroller but totally got happy as soon as we started moving! We started by going up the hill from our house and we stopped to check out some horses and then stopped on a little side road for a snack quick before heading back down the hill.  By the time we got home he was fast asleep, so I kept going! We made a loop around Dollar Bay and stopped to play at the school play ground when he woke up… he loved the swings and playing in the sand, he was a little bit unsure about the big play ground equipment… I think it was just too big for him to grasp and he had no interest in touching random blue metal poles etc.  But swinging in my lap got loads of smiles!  And then, he was still in a good mood so on the way home we hit up the snow mobile trail for a bit and ended up going over 7 miles total! It was a fun walk!


James stayed totally zonked out for quite awhile and he looked adorable with his octopus hat eating his head and his turtle snuggling him with his blankey 🙂

And because I totally forgot to add it to my post…. two nights ago Joe roasted us a very nice chicken (a store chicken) with a bunch of root vegetables!  There was onion, red potato, rutabaga, turnip and leeks. Mmm.  It made a ton of veggies too so we will have some of those leftover tonight for supper in curry. Also mmm 🙂  Last night then James had some leftovers of carrot and rutabaga and potato for his supper.  He hasn’t had any chicken yet… I totally didn’t think of it last night and we ate too late the night before for him to have supper with us.


The house smelled pretty good while this was roasting!

WP_002455James is gnawing on his spoon because he happens to like his spoons a lot but most of his supper came directly from the larger pieces because he prefers that now it seems.  I offered to put some smaller pieces onto the spoon for him but he would rather bite his own pieces off now.

And one last cute photo from today! Joe came home today and was playing with James upstairs and I caught this one and I love it. Super cute.  James was randomly wearing an 18 month shirt today.  It’s by Carter’s, so it is a well-known baby clothes brand, but somehow it must have been sized incorrectly because most of his other clothes are 9-12 months right now and this shirt fit better than some of the bigger 12 month ones!

WP_002464James did wear pants (shorts!) today but sometimes by the end of the day…a baby just needs to take his pants off! James has been working very hard on pulling himself up and crawling but no dice yet.  He wants it bad but it’s just not there yet! Maybe soon! It looks like his top gums are starting to get a bit swollen too so I wonder how long it will take those teeth to come in. I think it will be awhile yet but they seem to be thinking about it.


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