James and Mickey

James and I stole the car from Joe today.  Our friend Eleanor didn’t want to go out but James and I went out together anyways.  Our first stop was up at the hospital for me to get my blood drawn.  I signed up to be a milk donor for babies in the NICU or babies whose moms can’t make any/enough milk or babies who are diagnosed with a number of medical conditions.  Their own mama’s milk is the best for them, but if they are unable to have that then donated pasteurized milk is the next best thing. They pasteurize it to kill any bacteria that might be harmful to immune compromised babies but all the good stuff in the milk remains so the babies still get the right types of fat and all the vitamins and minerals and immune benefits and things that they just can’t get in formula.

Last week I filled out paperwork and our doctor signed off on us saying that James would be perfectly safe if I donated, as if I would hold out on my own baby in order to donate… no way! James obviously gets first dibs and gets any and all milk whenever he wants… but I guess it is probably a formality/legal issue.  So the doctor signed off saying James would be fine, and then she signed off on me saying I didn’t have any blood transfusions or anything like that.  Then they sent me a kit to get my blood drawn, since I am so far from their facility (Indiana is the closest and serves our part of the Midwest) and they can’t do it themselves, and I took it to the hospital this morning to have it done.  They test for things like HIV and hepatitis etc. to make sure all the donated milk is safe.  Since I do not have any diseases like that I am assuming I will get more information next week on how to ship milk and then I can begin donating when I have enough extra.

WP_002454James and I from earlier today.  I’ve been taking more selfie pictures of us! When he is older I want him to be able to look back and see his mama in pictures!  I was totally bummed for a long time that I didn’t have any pictures of me holding him in the hospital… we have photos just after he is born but all you can see is like my hand or chin.  I never even thought about it at the hospital at the time! But then, I was borrowing all of Joe’s camera phone photos the other day and I found one! Joe totally did take one and I had no idea! I was SO excited! Totally made my day that picture 🙂

After the hospital (where James flirted shamelessly with a good half-dozen ladies with huge smiles and gurgles… total ham), we headed to Houghton just for fun and decided to go to the consignment store.  We could have gone to WM for a couple things but we decided we could live and skipped that, nothing was needed right away today! At the consignment store James got 2 new shirts and a new onesie in the 12-18m ranges.  He is in 9-12 month right now but the 18 month shirt he got seems small so he might wear that tomorrow and try it out.  I didn’t even know it but the three clothes I picked out were half off too and one of them was still new with tags and store stickers on… never even worn! I spent a total of $8 and $5 of that was on a goofy new toy that we thought looked fun 🙂 And really it was all ‘free’ because we had enough money in our account there to cover it from our own sales.

Here is James and his new toy! It’s a slightly creepy Mickey Mouse rocking toy that makes music if you squeeze his ears! Cute… but like I said, a bit creepy.  I think it will either stay downstairs or if it goes up to his room I need to remember to turn it around at night so it doesn’t stare at me in the dark.  Don’t like that.



James totally didn’t get it at first.  He still doesn’t actually but he think it’s way more fun after getting to know it anyways.  Eventually he will figure it out and be able to balance on it but at first he was like what the heck mom?



WP_002443These were later in the afternoon where he was more used to it and post-nap happy.  He was testing out his tupperware on Mickey’s head.  We got out a stack of tupperwares to stack them and look at sizes and nest them etc.  He likes them. 🙂 And then he decided to wrestle with Mickey and head butt him and sample his nose and touch his ears etc.  He had fun! Well worth the $5!

WP_002453 WP_002448 WP_002447 WP_002446



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