Today’s Lessons

James learned about tons of new things today! But first… here is a nice family selfie from yesterday afternoon!


And one more from yesterday… somebody is trying to pull himself up a little bit so his Pack n’ Play got lowered from the bassinet to the actual bottom play pen last night.  We definitely don’t want him to pull himself up in one heave and go right over the top, so better safe than sorry! He was pretty pleased with himself when his little head popped over the side and was looking around.


Now some pictures from today!  This morning started off nice and early with some laundry basket fun.  He inspected from his belly, from sitting, from standing, from inside and outside and tipped on all sides.  James now knows his laundry basket as good as anybody ever could.  Sorry my pictures are kinda blurry today, a lot of them were taken as he or we were moving and I was trying to snap quick!

WP_002392 WP_002394 WP_002395 WP_002397 WP_002398

After the laundry basket we decided to get out his tunnel.  We’ve never gotten it out before because he is still a little too small for it since he can’t crawl… but we decided to take a look anyways.  Lucky, the cat thought it was awesome.

WP_002402 WP_002406 WP_002407 WP_002408 WP_002409 WP_002410We sort of owe that cat anyways because James got a hold of her tail today and yanked her.  Although, she did walk into his room and plop herself down next to him and then sprawl on her back with her legs in the air and her tail dangling near his hands… so at the same time, she was sort of asking for it too. Plus, when he did yank her, she just stayed there… she could have easily gotten up and moved out of the room but she didn’t.  I did move her though myself after explaining to James that we have to be gentle and that yanking hurts the cat.  I figure only like 3 more years and he will remember, he is obviously too small right now to fully understand but it’s good to start reminding him right away so we do and this time was my fault because I wasn’t totally paying attention like I should have been.  Sorry cat!

James and I also managed to take two walks today.  The first was in the jogging stroller and I really wanted to go running.  We made it about two miles but he absolutely hated it so we had to come home.  I was pretty frustrated.  The second went a lot better and was a million times more fun but I had him in the carrier so we couldn’t go for long.  We made it another two miles on that walk.  That walk James got to touch pine trees, walk over a little bridge, look out at the water, touch several fire hydrants (red fire hydrants are his favourite apparently!), touch an ice machine thing (like those ones where you buy bags of ice from at a gas station etc.), touch the township payment box, and he got to gaze at an American flag for awhile too. Oh, and he checked out the baseball diamond and learned what bleachers were and went into the Husqvarna dealer for the first time.  It was actually my first time going in there too, we were checking to see how much a power broom rental is…$50/day, not too bad!

After our second walk and some chores inside, James and I went outside to sit in the front yard and enjoy the weather.  It was 70 today and a bit cloudy so it was a nice day to sit out without getting burnt.  I slathered him in sunscreen this morning which is probably part of the reason he was mad about our first walk! I’ll be super bummed the first day I miss part of him or it wears off and he gets burnt.  Today wasn’t that day though!

Outside in the front yard (Cora was pretty disappointed she didn’t come out too and she let us know it by looking sadly out the front door at us)…

?????????????????? WP_002416 WP_002419 WP_002420

We brought out a bunch of toys to play with but the pine cone was by far the best.  We put a blanket down too.  It looks like there is grass but really our yard is tufts of grass and a lot of bare and/or gravelly patches from all of the sand being shoved on the road during the winter.  Our back yard doesn’t have gravel but the chickens are a bit stinky and the grass isn’t any better because it hasn’t fully grown in since we did our septic tank.  And, the backyard doesn’t have cool cars and trucks to watch on the road… those kept his interest a lot too.  James liked the daffodil a little bit but he stuffed his nose into it and it made him sneeze and he kept going back to the pine cone.  Feeling it and turning it and tasting it.  He must have tasted that pine cone half a dozen times and every time it was still a gross pine cone! Bonus for me though when we went inside to get a nap he smelled pine fresh!


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