Happy Birthday Cora

Yesterday was Cora’s 4th birthday but I didn’t get a chance to post last night! Cora got to have some corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast with us and then around supper time we got out her presents.  She got a tasty can of chicken wet food, a bag of chicken jerky and a new toy… a squirrel made out of wood.  I totally thought the toy would be a hit but she totally shunned it.  The baby likes it…but Cora not so much, or not at all.


Yes we did all wear hats. Even Cora tolerated hers!

IMG_0674 IMG_0677 IMG_0691

Joe trying to show Cora how tasty her toy was.  She didn’t buy it, she was thinking ‘Where did that bag of jerky go?’ Oh well!

Then after supper we had some cake.  It was after James went to bed too because I didn’t want to give him a lot of cake and knew he would be jealous if he saw us eating it! Poor baby! Cora did get some cake though since I made it specially allergen free for her.


James did enjoy some taco salad with us.  James had a big red pepper strip and a big yellow pepper strip to gnaw on and then he had some mashed beans and guacamole with tomato, onion, cilantro and lime in it. He also had a tiny bit of ground beef and a small chunk of queso fresco cheese and topped it all off with a bunch of milk before bed.  He ate very well last night! Our guacamole had jalapeno too but I skipped that for James tonight.  He doesn’t mind a bit of heat but he already had a lot going on so I skipped it this time. He thoroughly enjoyed himself!


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