Crazy Baby

Tons of pictures from James today!  We made did two shopping trips because we couldn’t make it through the entire thing all at once without a nap.  We baked Cora a birthday cake for tomorrow (she will be 4), did some work outside (Cora an I while James half-napped), did a whole bunch of cleaning inside, and then had a bunch of fun play time too.  Then the evening ended with Joe coming home from his work trip! Yay!  James gave him lots of giggles, a couple big open-mouthed baby kisses, and one major head-butt that cracked both their heads and neither of them were very happy for a few moments :-).


Cora got to sleep in this morning. Lucky dog.


This baby did not sleep in this morning.  We were up at 5:30.  I was groggily watching him wrestle his cow this morning.  He had already done a major take-down on Winnie-the-Pooh and the cow just had it coming.


After we got home from our first shopping trip we opened up the windows and front door, got a bunch of toys, and set to work baking Cora a birthday cake.  This entire blanket on the floor in the kitchen and James decided to roll off of it. He was happy though and he eventually rolled back onto it.


James really wanted the dog, and the dog was sitting there really wanting whatever I was cooking.  She had/has no idea what I was making but she knew she needed to have some.  Her cake is totally just a store box cake but with frosting that is homemade (cream cheese frosting) so nothing will trigger her allergies! Maybe if she is feeling nice she will share some cake with the rest of us!


James rockin’ it in his new sun gear.  An awesome hat with a neck flap and some super cool around-the-head sun glasses.  Some sunscreen on his arms and he is ready to hit the beach.  Too bad it’s still in the 40’s… might have to buy a bright light and put a sand table in the kitchen and call it good!


This afternoon we moved into the living room for some play time.  Clearly the toys I picked out for him were not good enough so he rolled himself over to his toy bin to get something different.

WP_002371 WP_002373 WP_002374

But then I realized he didn’t want any other toys, he wanted the toy bin itself.  He totally loves the one in his room too.  So we emptied out his toys into the Pack n’ Play and played with the bin.  It works! He was fascinated for ages.

WP_002375 WP_002376 WP_002379

And finally post-bath jammy time waiting for daddy to get home! After our second shopping trip we spent some time frosting Cora’s cake and I let James lick the whisk and Cora got the bowl.  Man was he pumped.  The happiest baby ever licking that thing and then he was wired.  There was hardly anything on it and most of it was cream cheese but man, that little bit of sugar and he was thrilled. He had it all over his face and then got pretty mad at me when it was all gone! We had to take a super fun bath to make up for it 🙂 How could I be so mean and deny him more frosting? He was still pretty wired when Joe got home and wanted to jump and jump and jump!

Now Joe is home and we’ve had our supper.  Cora is so excited, or was so excited, that now she has totally passed out.  Her job of guarding the house all week is done, she can account for her entire family and can relax for the night. All of our stuff is finished for the day, Cora has some birthday presents waiting for her in the morning and all I need to do is get myself ready for the morning before we head to bed! Tomorrow morning is my first spin class in over a year and I’m pretty excited! Pretty sure it’s going to totally kick my butt but it will be worth it! I can’t wait!


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