Laundry Baskets and Dog Toys

Just a few random photos from the past few days and today!


James sitting on his rocking chair foot stool (with me behind him and holding onto him) checking out the cat… who steals our chair every change she gets and then gets pissed when we need it and she has to get down.


Cora and James playing a couple of days ago.


I can’t remember what I was doing or making James do anymore but he was a little mad with me 🙂


James hitchin’ a ride in the laundry basket upstairs to put away his clean clothes.  He has only had a couple of laundry basket rides so far.  He was kind of confused when I first put him in it but I think he enjoyed the ride once we got moving!

WP_002348 WP_002349

James and I went to Tractor Supply yesterday and I impulsively bought these peanuts thinking they would be tasty.  When I got to the checkout the cashier asked if I had had them before and when I said ‘No’ he showed me the bag and made sure I had seen that you are supposed to eat the shell and all. Seriously…the entire shell.  He said it was like eating a potato chip and then a peanut. I’m not sure what bag he got but it is not like eating a potato chip and then a peanut.  It’s exactly like eating a peanut shell and then a peanut.  I made the mistake of popping one into my mouth in the car with nothing to drink nearby… Not good. Not good. After James went to bed I sat down to watch some T.V. and shelled them before I ate them, much better.


James sitting in his throne this morning ready to pass judgement on his subjects.


Then he ditched the throne and decided to play with the common people.


And then he went all out and played with his very own dog toy 🙂  Which he loves…. Sorry Cora! (Cora never played with this anyways)

WP_002355 WP_002356My attempt today at being less wasteful.  We had a bunch of herbs leftover this week in the fridge, the fresh expensive ones that don’t always get used up all the way.  So there are two frozen cups of basil and cilantro in minced/pesto-style form and then three vacuum bags full of thyme, rosemary and dill.  Not sure how the dill will fare because the leaves are so small and fragile but I looked online and it suggested freezing it just like this so I hope it works! The thyme and rosemary are tough so I’m sure they will be alright!

Weekly Update:

Joe was out of town this week doing more work in Arizona so James and I had the car and took advantage of it to get out and be a bit social. Besides James’ doctor’s appointment this week we have also managed to go to Wal-Mart twice, Tractor Supply once, out with Eleanor once to go to McDonald’s and Family Dollar where James sampled biscuit and got his very own bucket and shovel for if it ever gets nice out (so far we have just been putting toys in and out of it), and one trip to the SDC (gym) to sign up for a spinning class.  During the school year the class times make it impossible for me to go but this summer there is one class where it is Tuesday night and Saturday morning, so Joe said I could take it and he will watch James.  It’s been over a year since I’ve been to spin class and I am so excited!  I’ll owe Joe some major sleeping in though on Sundays because he has to get up early on Saturday now too and he often sleeps in a bit later.

This week James has just started to get up on his hands and knees. He can’t do it very well yet, and doesn’t do it very often but he is thinking about it.  He is playing by me on the floor as I’m blogging and a little while ago he got himself up and flung himself backwards… totally not the direction he was going for!  He has also been having a blast in the bathtub.  I wish I could post videos here! He is fascinated with the tub and splashing his hands in the water and trying to float his toys or toothbrush.


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