Happy 6 Months

Today is James’ 6 month birthday! We had a very busy day… we took Eleanor out this morning, then we came home and managed a quick nap for James before heading back out to the doctor’s office.  Poor James got 3 shots and one oral vaccine for a total of 6 vaccines overall.  I think his legs started to hurt tonight and I’m pretty sure his little body is going to be reeling from all of those tomorrow! We do need to do a couple of things tomorrow so hopefully he doesn’t feel too bad.


Hanging out after his shots.  He had some pretty cool band-aids on his legs to show for it!

James came in at 19lb 12oz, 27.25 inches tall and his head was 17.75 inches around.  Overall absolutely perfect.  He is continuing to grow on his growth curve well and meeting all of his milestones, plus he has 2 teeth. A couple of days ago he got up on his hands and knees for the first time to start rocking but I think it will be awhile before it’s time to crawl still.  He has been getting a lot stronger with his sitting too but he still can’t quite do it safely on his own, he has a tendency to fling himself backwards or tip over sideways if he gets distracted. 🙂  Now that James is 6 months old he is also going to begin taking fluoride for his teeth along with a multivitamin and vitamin D.  They come in liquid so we’ll see how easy it is to get him to take those… he hates drinking his occasional acetaminophen so I have a feeling he isn’t going to like taking these vitamins either.

IMG_0667Loving on his feet.  He likes his feet, especially when I am changing his diaper! He also loves his toothbrush lately and that was in his mouth half the day.


Cora sniffing out her pal to make sure no one hurt him while he was at the doctor’s office.  She laid down next to him and they played tennis ball for a few minutes.  Totally freaks me out Cora’s big dog teeth by his tiny baby hands but she was very gentle! She set the ball down and let it roll out of her mouth where he could grab it (and she did not grab it back! If it was Joe or I she would try to grab it and sometimes ends up biting on accident a bit) and then he would suck on it (yea, gross!) for a minute until he would accidentally roll it out of reach where Cora could get it again.  Super cute! I have like a 5 minute video of it (with me in the background going… you guys make me nervous I don’t like this game!) before I made them quit its… but they were both safe and I was within inches in case Cora accidentally got him but she didn’t! She was incredibly gentle. It’s so weird how she knows to be so sweet to him.  I think they are going to be great friends! It’s going to be extra rough when Cora goes someday…

IMG_0668James and I… and his toothbrush, at the doctor’s office today. Post-measuring but pre-shots.



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