First Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and Joe’s mom! Plus Joe’s grandma and all of our aunts, cousins, friends etc. who are mothers to pets or kids or both! We hope everybody had a great day.  My first Mothers’ Day was definitely a success!

Joe and James gave me some presents this morning… a sweet card, some chocolates (that I basically ate all of today, Mmm.), a cute little herb garden that James and I will plant together this week and a new ceramic knife.  We used to have a ceramic knife (I think it started as Joe’s and I sort of abducted it) and I used it all the time but then somehow I chipped it and it got dull and one day I slipped and almost cut my finger really good with it…so then it got thrown away. So now we’ve got a nice new one to use! Plus I got cards and presents from both of our families too!

WP_002306We had hashbrowns and bacon for breakfast and then watched parts of the Spain Formula 1 race all day off and on when James was napping and we weren’t doing other things.  Joe spent a lot of the day working on supper for me.  It was super good.  He made us pork carnitas with homemade, raw-milk queso blanco cheese and homemade tortillas.  Then he made us homemade corn tamales too!

IMG_0654 IMG_0655Here is James and I after his afternoon nap.  When I went up to get him I found him on his belly gnawing on his crib bumper looking through the bars like he was in jail or something.  Poor guy! I bet he can’t wait until he can climb over the sides and get out whenever he wants to!

WP_002309 WP_002313 WP_002314After supper it was definitely time for James to go to bed, he was getting very tired, so we headed up for a bath and jammies and then came back down for James to say goodnight to his dad for a few minutes…IMG_0658 IMG_0660 IMG_0662 IMG_0663 IMG_0664  Now Joe and I and a bunch of the animals are watching a bit of T.V. and then will head to bed ourselves.  A good end to a good Mother’s Day!


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