Highchair Fun

This morning was our second planned power outage thanks to some road work going on in a neighboring town.  Why they think planning an outage from 6-9 on a Saturday morning is a good idea I don’t know.  So, promptly at 6am this morning all of our power shut off including our bedroom fan so Joe and I both woke up.  We did manage to fall back asleep, and for some crazy reason James slept until 8 so it worked out alright. Once he was up and dressed and the two of us were downstairs starting breakfast the power was about to come back on anyways and our stove is gas with a pilot light so I can cook anytime even if there is no electricity.

Biscuits and gravy was on the menu for this morning and I knew James wouldn’t want to sit in his highchair that long without entertaining so I let him play with some flour to start with.  Then I was running the sink and he was super pumped… so I gave him a tupperware with some water in it, which he promptly dumped onto his flour.  So I gave him some more water and it got dumped into his flour too (and a bit on the floor…). He was having fun mixing around his flour and water with some spoons and a measuring cup and I decided to make it even cooler by getting out food colouring.  We added a couple drops of red, and then ended up adding a couple of blue too to make some nice purple flour water for him to splash in.  It kept him busy almost the entire time I was cooking! And it wasn’t even that hard to clean up.

IMG_0652 IMG_0653


This afternoon Joe did a ton of work outside on our pole barn cleanup and got a bunch of burning done on old wood etc. and then in the evening he got to go shooting for awhile.  He has been reloading and doing some experimenting with his bullets so he tested out several of those and then we had some clam chowder for supper when he got home! James and I did a bit of shopping while Joe was outside doing work but James wasn’t really into it so we came home pretty quick.  It was finally warmer outside today and I let James skip wearing socks altogether… hopefully soon we can have some nice evening fires and sit outside!


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