Tour of Dollar Bay Part 1: The Highway

James and I went out for a walk yesterday morning and started taking photos of all the things we have in Dollar Bay.  It was a bit rainy earlier in the day, it even hailed during the night (thankfully our car is alright!), but we didn’t get rained on at all during our walk.  I decided to start our tour of Dollar Bay that I promised I would make after my Potholes of Dollar Bay post a couple of days ago 🙂 As we were walking I realized there were too many places and things to take photos of for one post so I’m going to split it into a bunch of them so James and I can get pictures while we are out and about on walks.  I kind of felt like a tourist taking all these photos.  It was a bit weird.  Good thing James is too little to be embarrassed by his mom yet!

For the first pictures of Dollar Bay I decided to do the highway since it’s the closest part to our house.  Technically we aren’t even in Dollar Bay… Dollar Bay is on the opposite side of the highway from us, but we are close enough that we are basically Dollar Bay and that is what we tell people!

IMG_0627My walk buddy all bundled up with his turtle.  He enjoyed our walk this time!

There are a bunch of businesses and a few houses on the main highway. When the weather is nice we can cut across through a parking lot to the snowmobile trail and get to Dollar Bay that way.  When the weather is snowy or super wet we have to walk on the highway in either direction for a couple blocks before we can get to Dollar Bay to go walking.



At the bottom of our hill, but on the other side of the highway, there is Ward’s Husqvarna.  Joe visits them frequently in the winter when our snow blower belt or winch breaks. We often cut through their parking lot to get to the snowmobile trail.

IMG_0609If you turn left at the bottom of our hill you come to Bay Electric on one side of the highway and Quincy’s restaurant on the other.  Occasionally we go to Quincy’s for lunch or get it to bring home.  Joe goes there once in awhile for lunch and Eleanor and her boyfriend, Hank, go there every Sunday for supper.


Further down the road and across Main street from Quincy’s is a flooring store.  James and I have a date one of these days to go check out pretty carpet patterns.  We aren’t getting new carpet right now, but I measured the rooms upstairs and thought it would be fun to go look anyways.  I have never been there before and James would probably have fun touching different carpet textures.  Beyond that store there is Siirtola Well and Pump.  They have big trucks and like their name suggests they dig holes for wells and that sort of thing.  We have septic here for our sewer but we do have township water service so we don’t need to worry about any well related stuff.   IMG_0637

If you go to the opposite end of the highway this is what you will see as you come into Dollar Bay.  It’s a storage building for a construction company.  There are a couple other businesses on each end of Dollar Bay too, a church on this side and I think a body shop and a sauna store on the other but they are too far to walk to for pictures.  I like to walk on the highway as little as possible, especially when James is with me.


A bit closer to our house from the construction building is this Transmission shop.  They also rent cars but I think it is only for local use… that’s what I’ve heard anyways, but we have never dealt with them before so I can’t be sure.


A couple lots closer yet to our road and you will find the gas station.  It is right next to Ward’s Husqvarna. The gas station was open for a couple of years while we have lived here but then it ended up closing.  It’s now on it’s third owner and they are doing tons of remodeling so hopefully it will be a working gas station again someday.  That would be really nice for grabbing just a couple things! Otherwise we can go to the market on Main Street but it’s a further walk.


A view down the highway.


The last couple businesses on the main highway are the septic tank pumping business, above, and then Dollar Bay Motorsports, below.  I’m not sure what the name of the septic business is but it’s the guy we use when we get our tank pumped.  He has a gigantic red truck!  Dollar Bay Motorsports fixed, sells and rents ATV’s and snowmobiles and things like that.  It’s pretty convenient being right near the trail!

IMG_0642 IMG_0643

And then back up the hill towards our house!

And that is the first part of my Dollar Bay tour! James, Cora and I went out for a walk today but we went walking up the hill instead of into Dollar Bay.  It’s easier to walk Cora either up the hill or on the trail, although eventually I will try taking her to town to walk too.  Today I thought I would try her sedatives to see if that calmed her a bit for our walk.  Her dosing is 1-2 tablets up to twice daily but two tablets makes her ridiculously woozy and it’s pretty mean so I tried 1/2 tablet a little bit before we left just to try and take the edge off so we could all have more fun. Somehow it didn’t kick in until our walk was almost finished though and then she got pretty calm for our afternoon at home… bad timing on my part.  But, our walk to the mailbox this evening was one of the best we’ve ever had! She didn’t drag me out to the road like she normally does… it was pleasant and we spent some time checking out the front yard on the way back because I wasn’t annoyed about being yanked! Next time I think I might try just 1/4 tablet and give it to her like an hour before our walk and see how that goes.  I don’t really want to sedate her or make her woozy, I just want to give her the tiniest bit of something to take the edge off so she is calmer and we can have a more relaxed walk without her being so antsy!  It will make her way more fun to walk and then I’ll be much more likely to take her to Dollar Bay too… I know she gets bummed when I leave with James in the stroller and leave her here and I would much rather bring her with too!


It was such a nice day out today, I thought a pre-walk Maddie, James, Cora selfie would be appropriate.  Then I actually tried to take the picture and ended up deciding we could skip it! My first try…was a photo of the house.


Then I sort of got a crooked photo of me and James and Cora was over there going “Oh my gosh a walk. Oh my gosh a walk. A walk. Did you know we are going for a walk? Man I love walks. A walk. We are going for a Walk!!!” Ha. It’s funny now but all I wanted her to do then was sit still for a moment like a nice dog!


And then I got this photo. Clearly James looks really excited to be going for a walk and Cora wouldn’t stop watching leaves blowing in the wind. And my arm isn’t long enough to get such a wide shot of the three of us. Maybe next time! Man look at James’ feet too, aren’t they huge? He is getting to be such a big boy, so grown up with his two teeth and such a serious looking face! We go to the doctor on Tuesday for his 6 month check up and I am excited to see how much he has grown.  He is going to be less excited when he finds out he has to get more shots though… poor guy. Today was the first no socks, no blanket walk outside too and halfway through I even took his jacket off… time to invest in baby sunscreen and a big goofy baby sunhat!


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