Who’s Going to College?

This boy is going to college!

WP_002275Maybe not yet… or anytime soon, but we finally started his 529 college savings account and I’m very excited about it.  I’ve been really wanting to do it for a few months now.  We went back and put in the equivalent monthly contributions starting from when he was born and it will continue to grow now until he needs it.  I doubt we will be able to pay for his entire education but every little bit will help! Unlike some of the older prepaid or school/state specific 529 plans this one (which is run by Michigan) can be used at any school in any state.  You can choose to invest in any state’s plan regardless of whether you live there or not, but we benefit by choosing Michigan’s plan.  Besides that it is a better rated one, we also get tax benefits because we live in Michigan so it seemed like a good choice.

In current James news that photo above is from when he and I were planting herbs.  We picked out thyme, basil and cilantro to try and grow indoors. All was going well until I took the dirt away from him and wiped it off his face, hands and tray.  I did let him sample it, clearly thinking it would be gross and he would stop, but he kept on eating it.  I hope in his mind he was wondering “Geez mom what did you cook me for lunch? This isn’t like you…” and not “Just another day with mom’s cooking, I wonder if I should tell her this cake is really dry.” Ha. Either way he was pretty pissed when I made him stop eating dirt.  He flung his little arms wide and scowled at me and hollered.  I guess he really likes to garden!

WP_002272Above he is scoping out the planter.  My bad planning, I had already put the seeds in and then tipped it over for him to feel the dirt so I have no idea if anything will grow or where it will grow if it does. I have lots of seeds left though so if they don’t come up, we will just try again!  Below was him just starting to sample dirt.  It felt good in his hands, he liked squishing it, he was contemplating a taste and then he went for it… and went again, and again. And then fast forward to the top picture of an angry James 🙂 Poor guy!




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