Potholes of Dollar Bay

James and I took our friend Eleanor out this morning… we hit up Hardees and Wal-Mart and then headed back to Eleanor’s apartment to unload her groceries etc.  Then this afternoon James and I headed out for a walk in Dollar Bay and to go to the post office to mail our presents to our mom’s for Mother’s Day!  Our walk started out good and made it to the bottom of our hill before it got crappy.  As soon as we turned off of our road huge gusts of wind hit us and kept flipping the stroller canopy up and blowing into James’ face and snarling my hair.  Not amazing, but we kept going and made it to the post office which is only a couple blocks away.


James and Eleanor at Hardees. Usually Eleanor wants to go to McDonald’s but the past two times it has been Hardees.  James sampled a bit of biscuit and a bit of hashbrown and also sat in his first restaurant high chair.  He got the full experience of it too because the thing was a bit sticky. Gross, but he was happy!

WP_002278 WP_002282James and I ready to go to the post office.  It was 60 out according to our thermometer but I bundled him up anyways because it felt chilly.  Then we turned into the wind and I wished I had bundled up both of us even more!

After the post office I made the bad decision of continuing on our walk.  I should have gone home with the wind at our backs and called it a day… but no. I decided to torture us and try for a walk around the outside of Dollar Bay.  The first portion of it being into the wind again which made both of us cranky.  Finally we turned away from the wind, or at least it was out of James’ face and he fell asleep so I kept walking for a bit but by that point I was annoyed because my hair was full of snarls (I can not stand when the wind ties my hair in knots… I know that’s hardly the worst thing I could hate but man does it bug me) and then the roads were so bumpy I was worried James would wake up and I was thinking how I should have just gone home after the post office!

We made it but James did wake up again, I think a combination of the wind and the potholes both, and he was not happy.  So, I started taking pictures of the potholes.  Next time there is a nice day (if ever…) and James and I go out and we end up with a good walk I will make a nice tour of Dollar Bay post and take pictures of all the good stuff.  For now, here are some pot holes.  And, if you wonder why I was walking on the road it’s because there are almost no sidewalks so the road is the place to be.


Potholes.WP_002284 WP_002285

More Potholes.

WP_002287 WP_002288

These ones above were doosies.  Huge. Could practically get lost in them. One for me, one for James.  Joe would never find us.  I think the stroller could even fit in there with us. Maybe Cora could sniff us out…


These are all just from the last quarter of our walk too.  You should see how many pictures I could take if I did a normal walk!

WP_002291I know those were super captivating pictures! I told Joe this post was probably going to go viral and be very popular 🙂  I just checked the weather and Saturday and Sunday look promising.  Sunny/Partly Sunny highs around 60, very tiny chance of rain and low wind speeds… maybe I can get out and go for a good walk and we can take a fun set of photos of Dollar Bay for a nicer post! So far the weather for next week doesn’t look great so I’m crossing my fingers for good weekend weather!

In other news, tonight we had pasta for supper.  The adult pasta sauce was made from beets and James got excluded from having it because it also contained walnuts and I didn’t think about it until it was already made or I would have made him some nut free sauce first.  So the baby’s pasta had basil and sun dried tomatoes with it.  Plus he also had a bit of ricotta, a red pepper strip, and some french bread.  Pretty lucky baby!

WP_002293Now James has been in bed for about an hour, Joe is working on some prep for supper tomorrow night and doing some work on his computer. I have a load of towels in the laundry and I’m about to go out and play with Cora for a few minutes as the sun goes down because she has been dying to play tennis ball and I play with her less often now than I used to and that’s not very fair.  Then it will be time to come in, have some cheesecake for dessert, work on another blog post for tomorrow (I am feeling so ambitious tonight!) and then go to bed!


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