Cooking with Dad, Walks on the Beach, Busy Weekend

We had a busy few days around here!  Saturday we did a bunch of errands, I took James and Cora on a short walk and Joe did a bunch of prep for homemade pizzas on Sunday.  The guests we were supposed to have last weekend came over Sunday instead for lunch and were able to make it this time!  Friday was our first day back with our milk share in close to a year and Joe took advantage of it by making homemade mozzarella for our pizzas.  He also made homemade pizza sauce and homemade poolish pizza crust too!  The only thing on our pizzas that he did not make was the basil:-)


James cooking in the kitchen with Joe.


After our guests left on Sunday the three of us took a drive to Lake Linden to check out a different shooting range to see if Joe wants to join with that one as well.  Then we took a walk to the public access area on Rice Lake to let Cora swim for a few minutes.  It was cold but she did go in.  I tried to throw two different sticks and both of them sank!

WP_002266Cora testing out the waters.  She has never been in Rice Lake.  I’m guessing it was cold since there is still ice floating out there!  She seemed happy with herself though.

Yesterday James and I did all of our grocery shopping and caught up around here.  Once Joe came home the three of us took Cora on a nice walk.  The first walk of the spring out on the trail!  It was a bit wet, and Cora came home filthy, but it was nice to be outside! James chattered to us the whole way and Cora tugged on her leash like always. When I/we go for walks sometimes I use the stroller and sometimes the carrier but James is getting pretty heavy for long walks in the carrier we have so I think we will have to look for a better backpack style one for him so I can pack him easier!

Today James and I stayed here at home and had fun playing and we took Cora for a short walk down on the trail.  Definitely need to get Cora some better walk skills but we made it and it wasn’t too terribly bad!


James and I upstairs playing today before Joe got home.  We tried playing the cup game to find which cup was hiding his toy but he doesn’t get that quite yet! He just wanted to knock over the cups and tackle Thomas which was fun on its own.


James also really wanted to get his hands on the camera! I have a dozen fuzzy pictures of various parts of his face and hands.  If it looks electronic and meant for adults he wants it so bad. And while he has his own little cell phone and laptop he knows which ones are the real stuff and which ones are only toys!


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