Playing in the Sink

Teething was still a bummer today, that darn tooth is so close but it just won’t poke itself through.  So we spent the day trying to find distractions and fun things to do around the house.  Mid-afternoon we decided that playing in the sink might be fun.  Not a bath, just some water time to explore!


First, this morning pre-nap, our diversion was yanking everything out of the toy bin and then oogling the red netting like it was the best thing ever made. 🙂 Then we moved on to water play for the afternoon…WP_002241

I couldn’t figure out how to get the sink stopper to work right so we used his hospital bath bucket and let the water run out and over the side into the real sink.  Close enough! Lots of dish soap made some fun bubbles and a few kitchen accessories made it even better.


This was his first time really getting to sit and explore how water comes out of the faucet.  I don’t think he believed that he couldn’t grab it at first.  We tried fast and slow and drips and different temperatures.  I had to hold him up because his bucket was very slippery and he was too distracted to balance very well.

WP_002243I think he had fun and it took up like a half an hour of our afternoon and was something new for him to learn about!

Later this afternoon Joe came home early to play with us and we had beans,greens and onion tacos for an early supper.  They weren’t bad but they were definitely healthy.  We are probably going to have some chilli cheese dip later (leftover from a few nights ago) with some tortilla chips to make up for it! After supper we played with James in his room for awhile and then it was bath and bedtime.  He went right out!

Tomorrow we have a busy day with a ton of errands to run and our power is going to be off from 6am-9am for the Department of Transportation to do a move or some work or something.  This is one of two outages they will be having. I don’t think anytime would exactly be convenient but 6am-9am is prime coffee/breakfast making time around here and then we tend to watch a bit of T.V. before getting going for the day after James’ first nap.  Not sure what we will do tomorrow, maybe go out on errands really early instead!


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