Teething is a Total Bummer.

It’s 9:02pm and James is finally asleep for the night! We survived today, over 14 hours of it, and will live to see another day tomorrow! Only my computer keyboard took any lasting damage thanks to the cat.  I am now missing 9 keys.  This is my second keyboard…. she has done this before.  I try to keep my computer closed but sometimes I forget and the cat is drawn to it like a fly to fly paper.  It annoys me.  A lot.

Today was a bit rough around here.  And unusually long! I have been wanting a later bedtime for James so when it gets nice out (is it ever going to get nice out?) we can go on family walks in the evenings without having major meltdowns, but tonight was a bit too late. I tried bedtime twice before finally succeeding at it just before 9. I think 7:30 or 8 would be ideal but 9 is way late compared to his usual 6:30.

James got his first tooth last week and his second tooth looks swollen so I think it is trying to push through and the upheaval of it all is wrecking havoc with our baby and his schedule and temperament.  Yesterday was rough, but today was way worse.  There is only so much that Tylenol and a whole variety of teethers can do before all you want is your mama.  So today was James and Mama day.  Thankfully we did not have to go anywhere because 90% of the day was spent with James in my arms, in my lap or touching me somehow.  He did tolerate being set down a few times but only for a few minutes each time and only if I was within a couple feet of him.  So I did manage to do some laundry and vacuum during those spurts.  Otherwise it was floor time or snuggle time with some fun wrestling and exploring time thrown in too!


This is from last night.  James got a brand new laptop of his very own from one of my friends yesterday and he was thoroughly enjoying himself last night.  He lost his highchair-laptop privileges shortly after this when he wouldn’t stop shoving it off the side and watching it crash to the floor.  Laptop time gets to be on the floor now.


James woke up in a good mood this morning and got right to work! He helped me feed all of our animals, said goodbye to his dad and then made some important phone calls before getting right to work on his laptop.  His work ethic was going strong for about 30 minutes and then the day got rocky. WP_002219 WP_002220

For lunch we shared some rice and beans and an apple.  J’s little tooth is very good at scraping bits of apple off to eat and I think the gnawing made his number 2 tooth feel a bit better too. This was a briefly moment when he allowed me to set him in his high chair.  We moved to the floor in the living room for the rest of lunch.


Bedtime came and went.  And then came and went again.  James decided he was absolutely awake and wanting to stay up by me but it was already getting close to 8 and I was ready to relax for a bit so I conned him into playing in his jumper and watching a T.V. show on gypsies for a few moments before he needed me to snuggle and entertain him some more.  WP_002233 WP_002235And finally, James decided he might be a little bit tired and could attempt to fall asleep.  He made no promises but we went back upstairs and rocked for a bit and thought we would see what we could do.  We must have gotten it right for bedtime 3 because he passed right out and when I laid him down on his back he minimally woke up just enough to flip onto his belly how he likes to sleep now and went right back to sleep.  Success! If only a late bedtime meant he’d sleep in a bit tomorrow but I think our Friday will probably start as early as any day ever does! Good thing his good morning smiles are the absolute best!


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